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Travis Hansen Career Highs

2002-2003 Season HighsCareer Highs
Points27@ Colorado State (02/10/03)30@ Pepperdine (01/05/02)
Field Goals Made9@ Colorado State (02/10/03)102 times, last was @ Pepperdine (01/05/02)
Field Goal Attempts21vs. Connecticut (03/20/03)21vs. Connecticut (03/20/03)
Three Point Field Goals Made33 times, last was vs. New Mexico (03/13/03)35 times, last was vs. New Mexico (03/13/03)
Three Point Field Goal Attempts8Wyoming (03/06/03)8Wyoming (03/06/03)
Free Throws Made14Utah (01/25/03)14Utah (01/25/03)
Free Throw Attempts15Utah (01/25/03)152 times, last was Utah (01/25/03)
Offensive Rebounds6vs. St. Bonaventure (11/25/02)6vs. St. Bonaventure (11/25/02)
Defensive Rebounds8Utah (01/25/03)15@ Pepperdine (01/05/02)
Total Rebounds122 times, last was Utah (01/25/03)17@ Pepperdine (01/05/02)
Assists53 times, last was Pepperdine (01/02/03)55 times, last was Pepperdine (01/02/03)
Steals26 times, last was vs. Connecticut (03/20/03)32 times, last was @ Memphis (03/20/02)
Blocks3Utah (01/25/03)3Utah (01/25/03)
Minutes Played42vs. Colorado State (03/14/03)43@ Colorado State (03/02/02)