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Corinne Russell Athlete Profile

#15 Corinne Russell

Positions: Setter, Defensive Specialist Height: 5-7 Roster Years: 1984-1987 Hometown: Torrance, CA


  • Walked on during the 1983-84 season
  • From head coach Elaine Michaelis (1984): "An exceptional defensive player. Will start on defense and will be kept in reserve as a setter. Has excellent knowledge of the game as a result of experience in club ball in California."
  • Started 1984 season
  • From head coach Elaine Michaelis (1985): "Exceptional defensive player, a reserve setter. Club ball in California gave her excellent knowledge of the game. Outstanding passer and one of the leading servers on the team."
  • From head coach Elaine Michaelis (1986): "Exhibits outstanding power and defensive skills. A strong competitor. Mentally tough. Exceptional passing ability. Very valuable player to both offense and defense. Has a great serve."
  • Trained in Japan in 1986 off-season 
  • Majored in English
  • From head coach Elaine Michaelis (1987): "The best defensive player in the country. An excellent passer. Intelligent and experienced athlete. Strong competitor. Makes spectacular saves and provides court leadership by her exceptional play. Good back-up setter."

Before BYU

  • Named MVP of first team of Bay League
  • CSF academic honors