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Athletic Fundraiser Set For March 4th

PROVO -- The Cougar Club and the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) will play host to the First Annual Cougar Club Sportsman's Alliance Dinner and Fundraiser on March 4, 2005.

The event will be held at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center located at 101 West 100 North. The fundraiser will begin at 5 p.m. with a silent auction. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. followed by a live auction at 7:30 p.m. The fundraiser will help raise an estimated $100,000 for the BYU Athletic Department.

"Last year we held a small auction as part of a golf tournament," said event coordinator Robbie Bosco. "We auctioned two hunting trips with BYU Hall of Fame quarterback Ty Detmer. Those trips raised more than $30,000 and it was very apparent there is a real interest among our fans."

Some of the auction items available at the March 4th event include a five-day guided trophy mule deer hunt with Bucks and Bulls, a trip for two to the 2005 BYU-Notre Dame football game, a semi-customized Christensen Arms rifle, a customized Fort Knox safe, a customized Browning rifle, several guided and unguided hunts, a customized BYU chopper motorcycle, several vacation getaways, log furniture and a variety of artwork.

The evening's grand door prize will be a choice between a Wasatch Elk Tag, or a trip for two to Hawaii.

Tony Abbott, MDF Utah chapter director, is hopeful that the fundraiser will help educate people about the MDF mission to "ensure the future of mule deer, blacktail deer and their habitats."

"We believe that sportsmen, meaning fans and participants, are the same people," Abbott said. "It's going to bring awareness to the fact that high profile athletes like Karl Malone and Ty Detmer are also sportsmen."

Abbott said he is excited for the opportunity to work with BYU Athletics and believes the fundraiser will greatly benefit the causes of both BYU and the MDF.

According to Bosco, there are many Utah residents that love BYU Athletics as well as the outdoors, and the Cougar Club sportsman fundraiser presents a great opportunity to meet both interests.

"The community itself loves BYU Athletics, and there are also a lot of hunters, people that enjoy being outdoors." Bosco said. "There's a great friendship and partnership we can build. We want to create a better relationship with these groups in the community."

Participation in the fundraiser is not limited and anyone is welcome to attend. Information on how to participate can be found at