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BYU's athletic training staff is responsible for the care of student-athletes from the time they arrive on campus, aiding in the prevention of injuries. When student-athletes do get injured, they are treated by one of the nation's most qualified athletic training staffs. The staff includes certified athletic trainers, a sports physical therapist, a team physician, team orthopedic surgeons and a wide variety of other medical specialists. BYU athletic trainers are concerned with much more than just improvement in the weight room. They are committed to improving athletes' overall fitness and health.

Success begins with training, and BYU has a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning center with nearly 10,000 feet of working space that ranks among the nation's best. The center features 106 stations to accommodate both female and male athletes. BYU's well-structured strength and conditioning program is playing an increasingly vital role in the success of its collegiate athletic programs.

The primary goal of the BYU program is to keep athletes healthy and prepared for competition by reducing their susceptibility to injury. BYU's strength and conditioning staff has experienced excellent results through its computer-analyzed combination of a strict weight and conditioning program, a carefully planned diet and sufficient rest.