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Behind the Scenes: David Eberhard

Meet David Eberhard - Marketing Coordinator

Behind the Scenes is a feature that introduces, one person at a time, all those who work in the athletic department but maybe aren’t as well-known as coaches or players. Take a look back each week to meet the wonderful workers in the department – behind the scenes.


David Eberhard


Wolverine, Bango, Lucky, Sly, Rocky, Burnie just to name a few


Marketing Coordinator

What do you do?

I support the Director of Marketing (David Almodova) to increase revenue through ticket sales and the fulfillment of corporate sponsor obligations. Specifically, this job is responsible to oversee fulfillment of contracts of Football and 6 Olympic sports and market to Cougar Club members, students, and general public all athletic events.

How long have you been working here?

1 year 3 months 10 days

Who are three people you work with the most?

David Almodova, Bill Hoops, and ISP.

What is your favorite sport and why?

That’s a tough question because I like to play and watch all sports. I don’t have a favorite.

What were you doing professionally before BYU athletics? What led you to work in our department?

A Miracle. I was working in Miami at the time and I was in SLC on business. Someone I randomly met, asked what I do for work and told me that BYU was looking for someone like me. Long story short, I got the job.

Did you play a sport in college?


What is your favorite treat?

Tree ripened fruit.

What do you usually order at Legends?

Pasta, sandwich, or pizza with chicken.

What’s your favorite scripture?

At this moment Doctrine and Covenants section 18

Why do you love your job?

Because of the people I get to be around everyday and feel and speak of spiritual matters.

Jersey number?


Favorite Book?

Any book that I feel the spirit of learning

Favorite Breakfast food?


Favorite Music genre?

If you can dance to it and it’s clean and wholesome, I like it.

Favorite quote?

Luke 6 vs. 33 (27-38)

How many places have you lived?

I’ve lived in 10 different states (MA, NH, NY, FL, IN, IL, IO, UT, CA, WI) I also lived in China for a summer.

I would like to travel to?


Favorite BYU sporting moment?

Football Sept. 22, 1984: Safety Kyle Morrell timed a perfect dive at the goal line to stop Hawaii QB Raphel Cherry to preserve BYU’s National Title. 

One of my favorite things to do is?

Help others succeed and play soccer with friends.