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Behind the Scenes: Shirley Johnson

Meet Shirley Johnson - Football Secretary over Alumni Activities

Behind the Scenes is a way to meet those within the BYU Athletic Department who don’t get as much spotlight as coaches and players. These are the dedicated secretaries, compliance officers, academic counselors, etc that hold the department together. Check back each week to meet the foundation of the department and go behind the scenes.


Shirley Johnson


Shi, Shirls, Shirts, Squirrel, Tommy – none of which I use or like


Secretary; Coordinator of Football Alumni Information and Activities

What do you do?

Coordinate Football Alumni – website, emails, news, blogs, etc. Correspondence to missionaries, parents, alumni, special (sympathy, congrats, etc.), LOI’s

How long have you been working here?

Forever. I started with Coach Edwards in 1980. (When I was 10!)

Who are three people you work with the most?

Bronco Mendenhall, Duane Busby and Lance Reynolds.

What is your favorite sport and why?

Football – It’s my life and my livelihood!

What is your favorite treat?

Probably anything chocolate.

What do you usually order at Legends Grille?

Breakfast, pizza, salad

What is your favorite thing about your job?

It’s definitely all the people (players, coaches, etc.) that I have come to know. They’re like family to me.

Favorite Book

Book of Mormon, Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

Favorite Breakfast food


Favorite Candy bar

Dove Dark

Favorite Music genre

Classic Rock/Eagle Country

Favorite quote

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says, “Oh, NO! She’s awake!”

How many places have you lived (tell us where if you would like!)

Utah, Arizona

I would like to travel to


Favorite BYU sporting moment

BYU-SMU miracle ending

Favorite childhood memory

Visiting the farm during the summers

Do you play any musical instruments?

Piano, guitar

One of my favorite things to do is

Read, attend theater

Sometime in my life I would like to

Work (and sing along) with the Tabernacle Choir; write a novel

A little known fact about me is

I was a member of the Mormon Youth Chorus & Symphony back in the day