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Behind the Scenes: Zeffie Nelson

Meet Zeffie Nelson - Basketball Secretary

Behind the Scenes is a feature that introduces, one person at a time, all those who work in the athletic department but maybe aren’t as well-known as coaches or players. Take a look back each week to meet the wonderful workers in the department – behind the scenes.


Zeffie Nelson





What do you do?

What don’t I do? Including run 25sec play clock for football, and scoreboard for basketball games. Organize/schedules for coaches, correspondence, reimbursements, travel money, and player assistance – a little bit of everything.

Who are three people you work with the most?

Dave Rose, Tim LaComb, Dave Rice

What is your favorite sport and why?

Baseball! (The coaches already know this). My husband was a baseball coach, son is a baseball coach, son playing pro baseball, - was recently told I’d had probably forgotten more about the game of baseball, than they will ever know. Hm.

Favorite Book?

Little Women

Favorite Breakfast food?

chicken fried steak

Favorite Candy bar?

almond joy

Favorite Music genre?


Favorite quote?

Life is not about the breathes you take, but about the moments that take your breath away.

Do you have any funny memories/stories about our student athletes?

I moved from my house in Orem to Cedar Hills and the team came to help. Rafael Araujo got frustrated with everyone trying to lift my huge/heave 50” TV up the stairs, so he called them all off and single handedly military pressed it up over the stair railing to 6 guys who then took it and set it back down. WOW.

Tell us about your family.

Have 3 sons, 3 daughters and 12 grandchildren. I had 5 grandbabies within 3 months this past spring! Yes, I’m a happy grandmother.

What is your favorite treat?

Almond Joys and pumpkin pie

What do you usually order at Legends?


What’s your favorite scripture?

Ecc 4: 9-12

Why do you love your job?

Because my whole life has been around coaches and athletics and it’s a big part of who I am, and... because I work with 6 of the greatest men I know. They are organized, kind, thoughtful, and treat me with an enormous amount of respect. It doesn’t get any better than these “Good” men.

I would like to travel to

Every major league ballpark & every temple

Favorite BYU sporting moment?

When my son hit a homerun off my husband at a BYU alumni game.

Favorite childhood memory?

Running down the mountain jumping over sage brush

Do you play any musical instruments?


One of my favorite things to do is?


Sometime in my life I would like to?

Go on a mission

If I could change any rule in a sport, it would be?

Measuring for a 1st down

A little known fact about me is?

I want to get my pilots license