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BYU Athletics Announces Changes at Edwards Stadium

PROVO, Utah -- On Thursday, Feb. 6, the BYU Athletic Department announced several changes at LaVell Edwards Stadium for the 2003 football season. Included in the changes are new chair-back seats in the east stands.

Prior to this football season, BYU will add new club seats in the east stands between the 25-yard lines. The construction is set to begin in March and finish in late June. Three sections below the concourse will be remodeled to provide premium chair seats (see yellow and gray sections of map). Listed below are a variety of options available this fall.

Legacy Club Seating (yellow)

Located between the 35-50 yard lines, section 34 will be remodeled to accomodate1,100 chair-back seats that will provide additional width and leg room. These seats will come with a variety of amenities including, reserved parking, game program, and a hospitality area with food/beverages for pre-game, halftime and post-game. This new premium season ticket will be available for $1,000 per seat in addition to a required annual Cougar Club donation (currently Golden Cougar and above).

Cougar Club Seating (gray)

Located between the 25-35 yard lines, section 33 and 35 will contain 700 new chair-back seats with additional width and legroom. These seats will include reserved parking and a game program. This new premium season ticket will be available for $500 per seat in addition to a required annual Cougar Club donation (currently Silver Cougar and above).

Seat location in Legacy Club and Cougar Club will be based on the donor's Cougar Club level and historical athletic giving.

Stadium Donor Seating (purple)

Beginning this year, the season ticket price for a chair seat in the west stands will be $350. Individuals who are Cougar Club members at the bronze level or higher, will receive a discount of $100 per seat. BYU faculty/staff stadium donors will still be able to purchase their seats at the BYU employee rate of $90 per season ticket.

Stadium donors who are not Cougar Club members are incouraged to contact the athletic department at (801) 422-2583 or (800) 426-4298 to learn more about the different opportunities available.

Sideline Bench Seating (orange/some white)

Sideline bench seating will be available to Cougar Club members and the general public at $156 per season ticket.

End Zone (white)

The price for end zone seats for the 2003 football season will not change from 2002 prices. Each season ticket will remain at $90 per seat.

BYU Employee Sideline Seating (green)

Faculty and staff at BYU will continue to receive a discount on seats located in east stands. A season ticket for six games in 2003 will be $90 per seat.

Rotating Student Seating (blue)

Students can obtain an All-Sports Card for $85 that will provide a rotated season ticket for 2003 football. The All-Sport Card also provides admission to all BYU athletic events including men's basketball.

Why the changes?

About two years ago, members of the Board of Trustees met with coaches and athletic administrators. At that time they challenged the Athletic Department to accomplish two things: 1) Be very good athletically while maintaining high character and academic competence, and 2) be financially self-sufficient.

One of the misconceptions concerning the Athletic Department is that it has plenty of resources because its receives tithing money. That simply is not the case. No tithing money is used to subsidize the athletic program. The Athletic Department relies on traditional revenue streams (tickets, TV rights fees, sponsorships, fund raising, etc.) to generate sufficient income to run the program.

In order for BYU Athletics to continue to be successful, the department devised a financial plan that was recently approved by the University administration and the Board of Trustees. The plan includes the new premium club seating area in the east stands of the football stadium as well as the revised ticket prices and restructuring of some stadium seating. It also includes a revised plan for stadium parking.

Football Parking

For years people have suggested that Athletics should charge for parking at football and basketball events. Rather than charge for parking, the University has determined to reward Cougar fans that make contributions to the athletic program.

Beginning this year, only Cougar Club members at the Bronze level ($200/year) and above will be entitled to park in the lots immediately adjacent to the football stadium. Free parking will remain at the Marriott Center and other campus lots, including the intramural fields west of the stadium.

An Exciting Season Ahead

The 2003 football schedule will be the most challenging in the history of the school (2003 Schedule). Home games will feature upper-echelon conference foes Utah, Colorado State and Air Force, while the non-conference home schedule includes Georgia Tech, Stanford and Boise State. The Cougars will travel to Southern Cal and Notre Dame this fall, while the Trojans and Irish will come to Provo in 2004.