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BYU Athletics Gathers to Say Thanks a Million

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Cougar House VII

The Utah Valley Home Builders Association gathered together with government leaders, BYU athletes and staff to celebrate the completion of Cougar House VII. With the completion of Cougar House VII, the UVHBA will have donated more than one million dollars to BYU since the start of the project in 2001.

The Cougar House project combines the generosity of more than 60 members of the UVHBA who graciously donate their time and expertise, along with the materials necessary to build each house. The Cougar House project is designed to generate proceeds from the sales of each house for BYU Athletic scholarships.

"The Cougar House program is a shining example of what community support means to BYU's student athletes and coaches," said Cougar Club executive director Michael Middleton. "It's inspiring that in just seven years the UVHBA and local developers who've donated our building lots have put one million dollars of support behind BYU Athletics. It's obvious why the Cougar House project has been admired and imitated by booster organizations across the country."

Proceeds from the Cougar House provide scholarships through an athletic scholarship endowment. Since 2001, the Cougar House project has given out 22 full time scholarships to student athletes. The project also supplies annual funds for specific athletic priorities. For example, proceeds from the Cougar House purchased the new white helmets for the football team when BYU switched from blue helmets back to the white helmets that have long-been part of BYU's winning football tradition.

"The Utah Valley Home Builders Association has devoted a lot of time to helping Cougar Athletics," said former BYU quarterback and UVHBA scholarship recipient John Beck. "As supporters of BYU, they are helping us in all aspects of the game and providing us with many of the things that help our sports become the best in the nation. A big thanks goes out from me and all of BYU to them."

The seventh home in the Cougar House series, which includes 2,700 square feet of finished space, is located in Mapleton's Harvest Park development and is already on the market with a list price of $419,000. Cougar House VII will be featured in the 2007 Utah Valley Parade of Homes running May 12-26th.

Cougar House Lot Donors

Cougar House 7: Harvest Park

(Blaine Turner, Ben Jacobson, & Jerry Robinson)

Cougar House 6: Zufelt Monteer Builders & Sage Communities

(Jimmy Zufelt, Gary Monteer, Scott Kirkland, Brian Haskell, Stan Ricks, Gary Watts, & Paul Brockbank)

Cougar House 5: ArrowStar Development

(The Wayne & Jody Ross Family)

Cougar House 4: Ercanbrack Legacy Estates

(The Morris Ercanbrack Family)

Cougar House 3: Traverse Mountain

(Steve Christensen, Kinnon Sandlin, & Ted Heap)

Cougar House 2: The Ranches

(Scott Kirkland, Brian Haskell, & John Jacob)

Cougar House 1: ArrowStar Development

(The Wayne & Jody Ross Family)

Committee Members from 2001-2007

Amy Weiland

Linde Allen

Brad Simons

Chad Broderick*

Chris Shurian

Chris Tambasco

Cris Child

David Lewis*

Deann Huish

Jeff Capozzoli

Jimmy Zufelt

Johnny McCoy

Karl Kuhni*

Kendall Bennett

Lerron Little

Linda Nelson

Mickey Edelfsen

Mike Middleton

Mitch McCuistion*

Mitch Ogden

Paul Magleby

Randall Ercanbrack

Ron Neilsen

Sam Morgan

Scot Jones

Scott Lawrence

Wayne Knight*

Wayne Ross

*Committee Chair & Co-Chairs

Cougar House VII Donors

Harvest Park

Far West Bank

Home Buyers Warranty

Chad Broderick Construction


Z/M Builders

Geneva Rock

Superior B&S


Walwrap Unlimited


Burbidge Pumping

Chipman Plumbing

Peterson Plumbing

Bergmann Heating

J Bar Electric

Interwest Insulation

Stock Building


Truss Works

Clegg Steel

DMAX Construction

Jones P&G

Woodcraft Inc

AWE Housewrappers

Utah Fireplace

Fireplace Place

Muddy Boyz

LoneStar Roofing

A Good Brick Mason

Stucco Works 2

Wayne Knight Construction

Powell Garage Doors

Best Woods

Closet Tech

Classic Construction

Elite Painting

Kwal Howells

Woodcraft Inc

TL Custom Countertops


Bliss Interiors

Galaxy Lighting


Hardware Essentials

MountainLand Design

Venice Flooring

Kuhni Landscaping

Best Vinyl

Brighter Solutions

Kyko Containers

Chad Broderick Construction

Chad Broderick Construction

Chad Broderick Construction

Bliss Interiors

Four Chairs Furniture

Dellamas Construction

H&H Fabrication

Diamond Peak

Chad Broderick Construction

Arthur Lewis Fine Homes

ArrowStar Construction

Kuhni Landscaping

Classic Construction

Z/M Builders

Prestige Properties

Woodcraft Inc

Wayne Knight Construction

Wayne Knight Construction

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