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BYU Varsity Club

In 1995, a group of former BYU athletes met in Provo to pursue the dream of uniting their colleagues into an organization dedicated to preserving the camaraderie they enjoyed as varsity athletes. They also hoped to create a vehicle for giving something meaningful back to BYU. Out of this dream was born the BYU Varsity Club. In the summer of 1999, the Varsity Club became a Friendship Arm of the Cougar Club, operating under the auspices of the Athletic Department.

"BYU, through its athletic teams, will open doors and acquaint people everywhere with our unique standards," said former President of BYU, Merrill J. Bateman at the time the Varsity Club was organized. "To accomplish this we must all raise our sights and increase our support of these worthy objectives. This is what the BYU Varsity Club is all about. We want your involvement."

The mission of the Varsity Club is to unite former BYU varsity athletes to share and promote their common bond and to enhance the tradition of BYU athletics through commitment, association and service. If you were a BYU varsity athlete, a current or past BYU coach or administrator, we invite you to join us.

The goals and objectives of the Varsity Club is to develop a regional and national network of athletic alumni, establish a Varsity Club speakers bureau, increase communications through quarterly newsletters and special publications, recognition of colleagues for contributions and support to BYU athletics and to facilitate group and preferred seating at athletic events.

Remember that anyone can give to the Varsity Club and BYU Athletics; your tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated.

The annual meeting of the Varsity Club is held in August. Additional meetings and activities are held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

For additional information, please contact the Varsity Club executive director, Robbie Bosco at 801-422-6523 or by email at