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League-high 92 Cougars Named MWC Scholar-Athletes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A conference-high 92 BYU student-athletes were named 2003-04 Mountain West Conference Scholar-Athletes, the MWC announced Thursday. In all, the league recognized 424 scholar-athletes from its eight member schools for the 2003-04 year.

After BYU's league-leading 92 recipients, New Mexico placed 73 student-athletes on the list, followed by Utah (59), Wyoming (55), UNLV (44), Air Force (39), Colorado State (38) and San Diego State (24).

To be eligible for selection, student-athletes must have completed at least two semesters or three quarters at the certifying institution while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better, and have competed in at least one varsity contest in their respective sport.

Women's track and cross country led the way for BYU with 22 MWC Scholar-Athletes. Other BYU teams with scholar-athletes are women's swimming and diving (13), men's track (12), men's swimming and diving (10), football (7), women's soccer (6), women's gymnastics (5), baseball (5), women's volleyball (3), women's basketball (2), men's basketball (2), men's volleyball (2), women's golf (1), women's softball (1) and men's tennis (1).

Along with their academic excellence, BYU student-athletes had success in their respective fields of competition in 2003-04. Cougar teams won nine league championships, including a conference-best eight MWC titles, while 15 teams advanced to NCAA play. Highlighted by men's volleyball capturing the NCAA title, BYU teams achieved 11 top-25 finishes in 2003-04, the most since the 1993-94 season.

2003-04 Mountain West Conference Scholar-Athletes

BYU Recipients


Joshua Barrett 3.54. Communications

Tyler E. Heid 3.86, History

Kory Justin Knell 3.89, Management

Bryce Searl 3.53, Exercise Science

Brandon Taylor 3.50, Open

Men's Basketball

Jon Michael Dresser 3.90, Exercise Science

Garner Meads 3.73, Pre Management

Men's Football

Micah Adam Alba 3.71, History

Toby Christensen 3.68, Master's of Public Administration

Brett Cooper 3.71, Spanish

Tyson Dunham 3.65, Advertising and Marketing

Kellen Thomas Fowler 3.82, Pre Management

Todd Mortensen 4.00, Spanish

Kip Nielson 3.53, Spanish

Men's Swimming and Diving

Christian Armstrong 3.70, Senior

Jeremy Lowell Budge 3.86, Open

Kenneth Carpenter 3.55, Management

Terence Lim 3.90, Finance

Benjamin Nephi McKee 3.76, Exercise Science

Ryan Gotchy Mullen 4.00, Chemical Engineering

Zachary Wallace Anderson 3.70, Communications

Kenneth Clark 3.55, Management

Jacoby Jacobsen 3.68, Exercise Science

David Scott 3.62, Mathematics

Men's Tennis

Ian Fillmore 3.86, Open

Men's Track

Matthew Anderson 3.89, Accounting

Brett Andrus 3.65, Open

J. Richard Evanson 3.52, Spanish

John Forsythe 3.73, Entrepreneurship

Alex Green 3.84, Mechanical Engineering

Douglas Hall 3.74, Economics

Devin Howe 3.66, Information Systems

Bryce Nielsen 3.76, Mechanical Engineering

Robison Pratt 3.56, Exercise Science

Nathan Robison 3.73, English

Joshua Rohatinsky 3.51, Management

Chad Simkins 3.84, Accounting

Men's Volleyball

Jonathan Alleman 3.50, Accounting

Brian Rowley 3.88, Civil Engineering

Women's Basketball

Melissa Brown 3.64, Business Management

Angie Gatten 3.87, Business Management

Women's Golf

Alexis Edwards 3.52, Open

Women's Gymnastics

Candace Bauer 3.50, Pre Management

Genevieve Claveau 4.00, Open

Marie-Helene Claveau 3.99, Pre Management

Jaime Mabray 3.52, Therapeutic Recreation

Lisa Willis 3.92, Fitness and Wellness Management

Women's Soccer

Natalie Evans 3.92, Open

Katie Gabbart 3.57, Art History

Davia King 3.56, Open

Charlene Lui 3.56, Open

Aleisha Rose 3.56, MFHD

Claire Thomas 3.53, Open

Women's Softball

Jennifer Lynn Whiteley 3.62, Open

Women's Swimming and Diving

Kiersten Sue Braithwaite 3.51, Open

Brittany Jean Davis 3.52, Open

Elizabeth Laura Duffin 3.74, Open

Amy Garrick 3.57, Chemistry

Jamie Lambert 3.81, Fitness and Wellness Management

Aubrey Low 3.53, Open

Megan Mullen 3.50, Open

Julie Brianne Nelson 3.77, Management

Wendy Lynn Poppleton 3.58, English

Rachelle Routsong 3.52, Community Health

Analyn Skabelund 3.76, English

Carolyn Wigginton 3.76, Management

Monica Joy Farrell 3.86, Civil Engineering

Women's Track and Cross Country

Kassi Andersen 3.62, Fitness and Wellness Management

Lisa Antonelli 3.52, Entrepreneur/Business Management

Eevisofia Aura 3.61, Open

Mary Bennion 3.87, Open

Liis Berendsen 3.60, Pre Communications

Jessica Borchers 3.71, Open

Anika Busby 3.69, Recreation Management

Julie Cameron 3.90, Open

Laura Evans 3.85, Open

Lyndsay Ford 3.74, Middle East Studies/Arabic

Emily Franks 3.55, Math Education

Anne Heiner 3.52, Open

Kirstin Hirst 3.83, Open

Makenzie Hobbs 3.82, Open

Sarah Ingebretsen 3.91, Exercise Science

Candace Jones 3.92, History Teaching

Toria McMullin 3.78, Neuro Science

Katie Moon 3.91, Botany

Carolyn Quebe 3.65, Open

Emily Raymond 3.52, Print Journalism

Breanne Sandberg 3.66, Management

Jenna Taylor 3.72, Open

Women's Volleyball

Alexis Brown 3.70, Communications

Amanda Kiholm 3.71, School Health

Lindsey Metcalf 3.90, Early Childhood Education