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Nixon and Kariya participate in Court of Honor for 19 Eagle Scouts

PROVO -- The Cougars participated in a historical event on Sunday night – one of the largest courts of honor in scouting history. The Mill Shadow Ward in the Kaysville stake had 19 scouts receive their eagles and asked David Nixon and Bryan Kariya, both on the BYU football team, to speak at the meeting.

“Part of receiving an eagle is making a commitment that you’ll help other scouts,” said Kariya. “We’re supposed to help in any capacity that we can – it was a great opportunity to give back to the scouting program.”

The players shook the scouts’ hand and congratulated them as they came up to the stand to receive their awards. They were also able to share a few words of recognition and motivation with the group.

“I congratulated them and told them it was now their duty to help the younger guys,” Nixon said. “I talked about goals – getting the Eagle is a good goal and now it’s time to put other goals in their lives. Going to college, going on missions, etc. are the things they should be looking toward now.”

Koriya congratulated the scouts on not only their award, but on gaining skills that will bless them and help them through the rest of their lives.

“They are such great role models to the scouts,” said Cindy Wakefield, service coordinator for BYU athletics. “It was the perfect fit having them as the honored guests. That ward was totally committed to the program and everyone worked together to make this great event happen.”

Brett Rogers, Bishop of the Mill Shadow Ward, said the evening would definitely be remembered forever by those in attendance. He was especially impressed with the BYU athletes, coming from a team with 63 eagle scouts and even more returned missionaries.

"You could tell that David and Brian were true Eagle Scouts in the way they presented themselves with character and dignity," Rogers said. "They even stayed after the court of honor and signed footballs, helmets, programs, shirts, etc. for the younger kids in the audience. We very much appreciate them making the trip to Kaysville to participate in our Eagle Court of Honor."

Eagle Recipients:

Bryson Day

Carston Feigleson

Joshua Feigleson

Miles Flake

Matthew Fortin

Seth Fortin

Kyle Gill

Jace Harris

Steven Hoggan

Steve Lindsey

Erik Price

Zachary Rogers

Kenneth Schank

Michael Swim

Derek Thomas

Collin Tullis

Bryson Wilkes

Colin Wilson

Brandon Winkelman

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