Athletic Department Staff Directory

Last Namesort icon First Name Position Office Phone Office Contact
Adams Brett Baseball Manager MLRP-111
Allan Jocelyn Head Cheer Coach (801) 422-8014 SFH-206A Send E-mail
Almodova David Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Marketing & Promotions (801) 422-6869 SAB-312 Send E-mail
Anae Robert Offensive Coordinator, Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Line Coach SAB-220 Send E-mail
Anderson Chris Equipment Manager- Men's Olympic Sports (801) 422-8745 SFH-1180 Send E-mail
Arrhenius Niklas Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-2263 Send E-mail
Atuaia Mark Running Backs Coach SAB-220
Aucoin Clay Financial Administrative Assistant (801) 422-2919 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Bates Yolanda Assistant Coach (801) 422-2143 RB-149
Baxter Angela Academic Advisor for Track and Field and Cross Country (801) 422-3251 SAB-376 Send E-mail
Beck Jason Quarterbacks Coach SAB-220
Becker Nick Women's Assistant Golf Coach Send E-mail
Bell Jared IMG Associate General Manager (801) 422-2028 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Bendall Melinda Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-1548 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Billings Carolyn Director of Sports Medicine (801) 422-8781 SFH-1140 Send E-mail
Bosco Robbie Varsity Club Director (801) 422-6523 SAB-330 Send E-mail
Brimley Susan Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8734 SFH-6 Send E-mail
Broberg Dave Athletic Publications Director (801) 422-4907 SFH-224F Send E-mail
Brockbank Bruce Men's Golf Head Coach (801) 422-7304 SFH-60B Send E-mail
Brooks John Head Swimming Coach (801) 422-8665 RB-151 Send E-mail
Bunn Chad Director of Video Operations (801) 422-6199 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Bunnell Helen Sports Medicine Billing Secretary (801) 377-6918 SFH-1129 Send E-mail
Burk Nate Compliance Coordinator (801) 422-2047 SAB-215 Send E-mail
Bushman Steve Equipment Manager-(MLRP,Marriot) (801) 422-5301 SAB-122A Send E-mail
Call Stuart Social Media Coordinator (801) 422-1519 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Carpenter Bryan Athletic Development/Cougar Club team (801) 422-7833 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Cattermole Brad Women's Gymnastics Head Coach (801) 422-4769 SFH-6A Send E-mail
Cattermole Dawn Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach (801) 422-4769 SFH-6C Send E-mail
Chavez Gillian Executive Assistant (801) 422-7649 SAB-322 Send E-mail
Chilton Kyle Athletic Communications (801) 422-4909 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Clark Diana Visiting Athletic Trainer (801) 422-2946 SFH-1142
Collett Norma Athletic Communications (801) 422-4908 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Davis Janalee Admin. Assistant/LDS Philanthropy (801) 422-5263 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Davis Alex Athletic Trainer (801) 422-1630 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Dayton Brendon Sports Camps Administrator (801) 422-7938 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Delahoussaye Kristin Assistant Softball Coach (801) 422-1739 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Densmore John Visiting Athletic Trainer (801) 422-1620 SAB-123
Duffin Larry Special Events Director (801) 422-6022 MC-2103 Send E-mail
Eakin Gordon Softball Head Coach (801) 422-1158 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Eberhard David Marketing Coordinator (801) 422-2880 SAB-309 Send E-mail
Empey Blain Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer (801) 422-8780 SFH-1135
Eyestone Ed Track & Field Head Coach/Men's Cross Country Head Coach (801) 422-3329 SFH-54A Send E-mail
Faucette Garrett Coordinator of Player Development (801) 422-3609 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Feinauer Jordan Video Services Coordinator (801) 422-1952 SFH-244 Send E-mail
Franson Judd Athletic Trainer (801) 422-8774 Send E-mail
Fueger Cody Director of Basketball Operations/Mens (801) 422-3609 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Golightly Tom Psychologist (801) 422-3035 1500 WSC Send E-mail
Graham Dan Athletic Trainer (801) 422-4670 SFH-1141 Send E-mail
Grossarth Kyle Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-1984 SFH-54
Gwilliam Chad Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Compliance (801) 422-1875 SAB-316 Send E-mail
Hall Mike Academic Advisor (801) 422-1574 SAB-372 Send E-mail
Hamblin Jim Academic Advisor (801) 422-2027 SAB-345 Send E-mail
Haring Brent Baseball Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (801) 422-5048 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Hart David Athletic Faculty Representative (801) 422-7243 TNRB-760A
Hawks Rachel Football and Men's Volleyball Sports Information Director (801) 422-8999 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Haymond Ann Track and Field Office Manager (801) 422-8731 SFH-54 Send E-mail
Hickman Patrick Football H.S. Relations Coordinator (801) 422-2917 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Higginson Rachel Dietician/Sports Nutrition (801) 422-8649 SAB-109 Send E-mail
Hill Mick Director of Equipment Operations (801) 422-5302 SAB-122 Send E-mail
Hinton Royce Athletic Communications (801) 422-8999 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Hoki Sorensen Carey Football Office Manager (801) 422-1141 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Holliday Guy Receivers Coach SAB-220
Holmoe Tom Director of Athletics (801) 422-7649 SAB-324 Send E-mail
Howell Nick Defensive Coordinator/Secondary (801) 422-6524 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Hurst Jeff Head Football Athletic Trainer (801) 422-2952 SAB-123G Send E-mail
Hyte David Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach (801) 422-3838 SFH-60K Send E-mail
Jensen Nancy Women's Equipment Manager (801) 422-7872 SFH-1182 Send E-mail
Johnson Lee Athletic Development/Cougar Club team (801) 422-3094 SAB-336-D Send E-mail
Jones-Spencer Lauren Women's Tennis Head Coach (801) 422-8730 SFH-6-B Send E-mail
Judkins Jeff Women's Basketball, Head Coach (801) 422-1265 SFH-60C Send E-mail
Kaufusi Steve Defensive Line Coach (801) 422-6528 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Kimball Kirt Team Orthopedic Surgeon SAB-220
Kindred Kevin Marketing Coordinator (801) 420-4710 SAB-311 Send E-mail
Knecht Kylea Legacy Hall Coordinator
LaComb Tim Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-5040 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Lake Bryce Marketing Coordinator (801) 422-8237 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Larsen Nycole Learning Specialist (801) 422-9750 SAB-352B Send E-mail
Leatham Carol Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8704 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Lewis Chad Associate AD - Development (801) 422-4858 SAB-336A Send E-mail
Linde Chris Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer (801) 422-7572 SFH-1136 Send E-mail
Littlewood Mike Baseball Head Coach (801) 422-5049 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Livsey Clark Ticket Manager MC-2132 Send E-mail
Loose Dee Assistant Coach (801) 422-2396 RB-149 Send E-mail
Manning Craig Mental Strength Coach (801) 422-4464 SAB-317 Send E-mail
Martzen Geoff Football Player Personnel & On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator SAB-220 Send E-mail
Maxfield Jodi Spirit Coordinator/Cougarettes Coach (801) 422-3271 SFH-244 Send E-mail
McAllister Tamber Swimming Assistant Coach (801) 422-2396 RB-149 Send E-mail
McClure Justin Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-1769 SAB-109 Send E-mail
McGown Chris Men's Volleyball Head Coach (801) 422-6473 SFH Send E-mail
McGown Carl Men's Volleyball Volunteer Assistant
Medina Bob Strength and Conditioning Coach (801) 422-8059 SFH-147D Send E-mail
Mendenhall Bronco Head Football Coach SAB-220 Send E-mail
Meredith Pete Assistant Softball Coach (801) 422-1157 MLRP-141 Send E-mail
Mertz Shauna Women's Gymnastics Assistant Coach (801) 422-2681 SFH-206A Send E-mail
Middleton Mike Executive Director Cougar Club (801) 422-6754 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Miller Todd Director of Golf (801) 422-9148 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Moody Dallan Associate AD - Finance (801) 422-2098 SAB-328 Send E-mail
Mortensen Lisa Medical Insurance Claims Processor (801) 422-7117 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Mortensen Brett Coordinator of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (801) 422-1620 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Morzelewski Josh Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-9269 SFH-147 Send E-mail
Mullen Jessica Learning Specialist (801) 422-4837 SAB-372 Send E-mail
Murphy Jake IMG Account Executive (801) 422-2364 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Nashif Terry Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-6189 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Neilson Rob Men's Volleyball Associate Head Coach (801) 422-8291 SFH-233 Send E-mail
Newbold Lynette Sports Medicine Secretary (801) 422-2946 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Nielson Dan Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-8155 SFH-60
Nix Matthew Assistant Athletic Director/Event Manager (801) 422-3304 SAB-320 Send E-mail
Nyborg Zach Assistant Athletic Director Football Operations (801) 422-8986 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Olmstead Shawn Women's Volleyball Head Coach (801) 422-2808 SFH-60A Send E-mail
Olmstead Heather Women's Volleyball Associate Head Coach (801) 422-3387 SFH-60M Send E-mail
Olsen Jenalen Administrative Assistant (801) 422-4225 SAB-313 Send E-mail
Omer Jay Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (801) 422-1972 SAB-109 Send E-mail
Pearce Brad Men's Tennis Head Coach (801) 422-4675 SFH-206D Send E-mail
Perkins Stephani Track & Field Assistant Coach (801) 422-8731 SFH-54
Perry McKay Football and Softball Sports Information Director SFH-30
Philbrick Mark University Photographer (801) 422-7322 ASB-B-251 Send E-mail
Pilling Kyler IMG (801) 422-7130 SFH-256 Send E-mail
Pincock Steve Sports Medicine Manager SAB-123 Send E-mail
Pope Mark Men's Basketball Assistant Coach (801) 422-6190 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Poppinga Kelly Special Teams Coordinator/Outside Linebackers (801) 422-1843 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Powell Sondra Sports Medicine Part-time Secretary (801) 422-1549 SAB-123 Send E-mail
Powell-Rowe Analane Cougar Club Administration Assistant (801) 422-2717 SAB-336 Send E-mail
Pratt Trent Baseball Assistant Coach (801) 422-5064 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Pratte Mitchell Head Team Physician RB-151
Pyne Brett Athletic Communications (801) 422-4912 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Ramos Robert Assistant Athletic Trainer (801) 422-5142 SFH-1141 Send E-mail
Rasmussen Janie Penfield Associate Athletics Director / SWA (801) 422-7306 SAB-314 Send E-mail
Rasmussen David Athletic Compliance Coordinator (801) 422-6962 SAB-317 Send E-mail
Reeves Aubrey Men's Basketball Office Manager (801) 422-3612 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Rich Brent Team Physician MC-2112
Richardson Matthew O. Advancement Vice President
Roberts Carrie Head Women's Golf Coach (801) 422-9787 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Robison Mark Track & Field Associate Head Coach (801) 422-3830 SFH-54B Send E-mail
Rockwood Jennifer Women's Soccer Head Coach (801) 422-8732 SFH-206F Send E-mail
Rose Aleisha Assistant Soccer Coach (801) 422-8735 SFH-206B Send E-mail
Rose Dave Men's Basketball Head Coach (801) 422-3612 MC-2112 Send E-mail
Russell Keith Head Diving Coach (801) 422-4874 RB-141 Send E-mail
Sam LaJusta Financial Secretary (801) 422-1977 SAB-331 Send E-mail
Santiago Brian Senior Associate Athletics Director (801) 422-9059 SAB-318 Send E-mail
Seaver Errol Football Video and Technology Coordinator (801) 422-2922 SAB-213 Send E-mail
Shane Patrick Women's Cross Country Head Coach/Assistant Track & Field Coach (801) 422-7922 SFH-54C Send E-mail
Skabelund Shari Swimming Assistant Coach (801) 422-8302 RB-149 Send E-mail
Smith Jennie Soccer Administrative Assistant (801) 422-8733 SFH-206B Send E-mail
Smith Chelsea Clinical Trainer (801) 422-2946 SFH-1130 Send E-mail
Sopel Myriam Assistant Coach
Sowards Lori Athletic Team Travel and Tours (801) 422-8026 SAB-308 Send E-mail
Spurrier Lizzy Clinical Trainer (801) 422-2946 SAB-1130 Send E-mail
Stadnik Gruenewald Alexandra Strength and Conditioning Coach (801) 422-2311 SFH-147 Send E-mail
Stauffer Casey IMG General Manager (801) 422-9302 SFH-250 Send E-mail
Steed Haley Director of Women's Basketball Ops. (801) 422-2074 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Steele Tyler Web Master (801) 422-5804 SFH Send E-mail
Stewart Ray Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (801) 422-7682 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Stoddard Buddy CHAMPS/Life Skills Coordinator (801) 422-4282 SAB-382 Send E-mail
Stroud Vince Sports Camp Administrator (801) 422-5726 SAB-310 Send E-mail
Swenson Ashlee Athletics Finance/Financial Aid Specialist (801) 422-2097 SAB-331 Send E-mail
Tavanā Gaugau V. Assistant to Director of Student-Sthlete Academic Center (801) 422-1635 SAB-384 Send E-mail
Tew Erin Design Assistant (801) 422-1977 SFH-224 Send E-mail
the Cougar Cosmo Mascot (801) 422-7613 SAB-307 Send E-mail
Thomas Fayrine Olympic Sports Office Manager (801) 422-8035 SFH-60 Send E-mail
Thomas Sandy Academic Advisor (801) 422-4841 SAB-370 Send E-mail
Thomas Jeremy Pitching Coach (801) 422-5048 MLRP-111 Send E-mail
Tidwell Paul Inside Linebackers Coach (801) 422-5070 SAB-220 Send E-mail
Tittle Duff Associate AD - Communications (801) 422-4910 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Tujague Garett Offensive Line Coach SAB-220
Vakapuna Fui Assistant to the Athletic Director for Student Services (801) 422-1745 SAB-315 Send E-mail
Vehar Greg Cougar Club, Assistant Director (801) 422-1782 SFH-336 Send E-mail
Vinci Giuseppe Men's and Women's Volleyball Statistical Analyst (801) 422-9796 SFH-229 Send E-mail
Waite Ryan Director of Operations (801) 422-1295 SFH-54A Send E-mail
Wakefield Bob and Cindy Service Representative (801) 422-4575 SAB-384 Send E-mail
Walters Susan Athletic Team Travel (801) 422-8027 SAB-308 Send E-mail
Watkins Chris Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach (801) 422-8733 SFH-206F Send E-mail
Wheeler Jenny Athletic Communications Office Manager (801) 422-8948 SFH-30 Send E-mail
Wilkey Jaren University Photographer (801) 422-7322 ASB-B-251 Send E-mail
Wilson Trevor Director of Student Athlete Academic Center (801) 422-5305 SAB-378 Send E-mail
Wilton Mike Men's Volleyball Assistant Coach SFH-244
Wood Kate IMG Partner Services Coordinator (801) 422-7133 SFH-248 Send E-mail
Wrubell Greg IMG Broadcaster (801) 422-7982 RB-269 Send E-mail
Zobell Ralph Athletic Communications (801) 422-9769 SFH-30 Send E-mail