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Steve Young Press Conference

A member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Steve Young is set to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Excerpts from Steve Young Press Conference as he prepares for his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Steve Young on his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

I don't know what to really expect. They say it's pretty overwhelming. I've certainly gotten used to, since I've been elected in the Hall of Fame, talking about it and kind of in my mind thinking about the people that are in there. ... But I think the actual induction, I don't know what to expect. I really don't. It will be fun. We only have 550 close family and friends going, across the country, so this is like the reverse of pioneer trek. ... I actually visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame when I was young. We were traveling across country back from visiting family here in Utah and pulled of I-80 to go to Canton. And there's a great picture of me with my brother, I don't know where the rest of my family was I guess they were in the car eating McDonalds, but the picture is my brother and I and my mom and dad in front of the sign of the Pro Football Hall of Fame when I was 12 years old. If someone would have said one day you're going to be in here, you know, I'd think they're loopy, there's no way.

Steve Young on preparing his speech for the induction ceremony

You know my dad's introducing me and I asked him on the way over, my parents just moved to Provo, and so he drove over and I said are you done; he said, Oh I've got it outlined; and I thought well he's further than I am. But I didn't want to do it too early, then you lose the feel for it so I just hope I'm not writing it on my way over to the ceremony; that would be bad.

Steve Young on how he excelled as a player

I didn't really have a choice. Jim McMahon had 73 NCAA records when I took over; Joe Montana had two Super Bowls, multiple MVPs, so I either quit, faded or went for it. You know, and that's where it started on campus. You know I remember in 1982 when I took over starting quarterback, you've got to know that there were a lot of people around town that were thinking, this is going to be a disaster. I think for any BYU athlete today, whether you're following in someone's footsteps who are really big or small, take consideration of people who have come through the school, look at the legacy of people who have done what they've done and use it as a standard.

Steve Young on his advice to a BYU Athlete today that might strive to be where he is one day

Don't be afraid to be great. And take it on yourself. And really some of it is fake it 'till you make it and some of it is self-fulfilling prophecy. We think we're great and you become great. That's part of it is self-talking that way. And a lot of it is just work. I never missed a day of practice. I didn't give up until I got home after the game. I was always one that was going to play hard because I had to. I wasn't going to get 73 NCAA records but I figured I'd get a few, you know. We'll see how it went. That's the approach I took, eating the elephant one bite at a time. I think that's what I'd say to any young athlete. But I wouldn't want anyone to aspire to anything further than just being a great college athlete, and then go to the next step. Take it a step at a time.

Steve Young on whether, as a young player, he ever thought he'd make the NFL, let alone the Hall of Fame

You've got to see what was right in front of me and a lot of people have said, did you expect to get into the Hall of Fame, and I said, I didn't really ever remember my tail not being on fire the whole time I played whether it was in college or pros. It was because of the people that were in front of me that played before me that set such high standards; I never got a chance to look up. Hall of Fame? I've got the next game. You know we've got to get to the Holiday Bowl or I'll be a complete failure. We had to win a Super Bowl or it's all for naught. ... I was never one for a tremendous amount of perspective. I knew what was in front of me and whatever mountain was right in front of me I was climbing. And I don't know if that's the right way to go about it but that's what I did.

Steve Young on what he plans to do after his induction and for the future

Well, it's really easy. My family, my kids and my wife, that's what we do now. I have a little work and I do little things here and there but that's what we do. ... So when the ceremonies over and we come back home, my poor wife, I mean we've got like I said 500 plus people, we had 95 people at our wedding so it's like six weddings. And it's literally like flights and hotels and food and lodging and seating and seating charts and kids and babysitters, I mean, that's why she's not here, she's been doing this for about five months since we found out, and we're still barely going to make it. So I think what we'll do is take some time off for her. I owe her something big. I won't announce it here but I will do something.

Steve Young on LaVell Edwards

You can't learn or teach the things that LaVell was given. He was given an ability to sit down with anyone in this room and spend 15 minutes with you and would know kind of a lot about you, kind of what you need and what you didn't, what you're good at and what you weren't good at. Then in a football context he could kind of tell the best spot for you, whether you could really make it, he just kind of really knew.

Steve Young on fans wanting to know if he would ever coach at BYU

It's kind of funny. I don't blame them for it; I think it's nice they think that's possible. They don't want me to coach, I promise you. I'll coach little league, you know with my kids. ... I never sensed that I was really cut out to coach it and I don't know exactly why. I was never attracted to it. I know Ty Detmer and I think Ty is much more kind of on that wave length. I think he'd like to coach or something like that. But I think I could be good at it, but it just hasn't really been my calling, I haven't felt like I need to go coach. And they don't need me now; I think they have a great coach.

Steve Young on the current state of BYU Football under new head coach Bronco Mendenhall

I think they have a great coach, saying all the right things. ... That's just me from afar, (but) I have close contacts and friends on campus. Everything looks like it's in place, and like I told Tom Holmoe the other day, now we've just got to win. They're in great shape.

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