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Strength and Conditioning

Conditioning encompasses all facets of physical performance. The strength and conditioning facilities and knowledgeable coaches are helping shape BYU student-athletes into champions.

Strength and conditioning coaches help develop and implement programs for athletes in all of BYU's 21 intercollegiate sports. From speed and quickness, to cardiovascular endurance and brute strength, BYU's strength and conditioning coaches create training programs designed to increase them all. The programs are sport-specific and position specific within each sport, allowing athletes to focus on what they need to succeed in their individual competitive endeavors.

Each game can be decided by who tires first. Week in and week out, players give and take a beating and are expected to come back for more of the same the next week. Less than a year after head strength and conditioning coach Jay Omer's arrival, student-athletes saw huge returns on their investment. Most players had increased their personal lifts by 15 to 25 percent.

Not only does the conditioning program improve each player as an individual, but it also improves the team as a whole.

Working and sweating with each other in the weight room helps bring the players together. Seeing teammates sacrifice and succeed in the offseason builds a camaraderie that carries over to the court or field as players work to make each other and the team better.

The results BYU athletes have achieved have come from dedication and sacrifice. It's a time-consuming and often painful process, but athletes are able to push themselves to higher levels of performance.