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Tips from the Athletic Trainer


Get answers from BYU Athletic Trainers!

They keep the Cougars in top condition. Now they can help you, too. Regence and the Cougars athletic trainers are teaming up to answer your questions about injuries and other health issues.

Want to know how to treat a sprain? The safest way to warm up and cool down? How to improve your flexibility? The Cougars certified athletic trainers and the strength and conditioning staff can offer helpful tips to keep you in the game.


"A certified athletic trainer (ATC) is a highly educated and skilled professional specializing in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel, the ATC functions as an integral member of the athletic healthcare team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs, industrial settings and other healthcare environments." (NATA, 2000)


BYU's athletic training staff is responsible for the care of student-athletes from the time they arrive on campus, aiding in the prevention of injuries. When student-athletes do get injured, they are treated by one of the nation's most qualified athletic training staffs. The staff includes certified athletic trainers, a sports physical therapist, a team physician, team orthopedic surgeons and a wide variety of other medical specialists.

BYU athletic trainers are concerned with much more than just improvement in the weight room. They are committed to improving athletes' overall fitness and health. The primary goal of the BYU program is to keep athletes healthy and prepared for competition by reducing their susceptibility to injury.

BYU Athletics staff can not be held liable for any answers given on this site that may result in further injury to ones-self.

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