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Utah State and the BYU Nike Classic

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What a busy week it has been! We are well into our pre-season and have been learning and improving a lot. This week we had four matches. We played Utah State in Logan on Tuesday and then had the Nike Classic this Friday and Saturday for our home opener at the Fieldhouse. (It was great to be back in the Fieldhouse with all our wonderful fans! Also can I say how much the freshman loved it! ) On Friday we played Cal Poly, and on Saturday we played Weber State and Kansas State. ---By the way, it was too funny to see a group of well-known BYU athletic personnel (I won't name names) huddled around a TV screen on the score tables at our game. And then suddenly, everyone stood up with their hands in the air and hollered with excitement—all in the middle of a play. We soon found out our great football team had just beat Oklahoma 14-13!!!!!!!

This week we unfortunately had two loses (Utah State and Kansas State), along with our two wins (Cal Poly and Weber State). The good news is that we have improved a lot as a team and have made some changes that seem to be working well. The best part is that we all feel motivated to help this team succeed. We are looking forward to this next weekend when we play in Nebraska.

Life outside of volleyball has been full of school, Church, family and friends. Before the tournament on Friday we had a special pre-game meal where everyone's family (mainly parents and spouses) were invited to eat a great meal, catered by Legends and get to know one another better. Chelsea Goodsell's mom made everyone a special bag of Chex Mix covered in white chocolate....yum! Everyone loved it. Thanks Goodsell family!

Since we travel during the season, everyone has to be extra diligent in their school work, talking to teachers and seeing that assignments are turned in before we miss class. Some of us, including freshman, need to get in a certain number of study hall hours in each week, too. We can squeeze in some study time when we travel, but it can be a little distracting because we are always having too much fun together.

Well I better get to the library to study before we leave tomorrow at 8am for Nebraska! Go Cougars!

Oklahoma Pre-Game Fireside

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Friday's Fireside

Last night’s fireside at the Carrollton Stake Center featured talks by defensive back Landon Jaussi and wide receiver Spencer Hafoka. Both concentrated on the subject of “Becoming Disciples of Christ”.

Jaussi started by defining disciples as people who earnestly seek to make and keep covenants with our Heavenly Father. He stated service, prayer and scripture study as examples of discipleship. The junior also referred to his mission to Taiwan as life changing.

“My mission was the most amazing experience of my life,” said Jaussi. “For those of you who are contemplating whether or not to go, read the Book of Mormon daily and the Spirit will speak to you and help you feel the desire to serve.”

Following his talk, Jaussi teamed up with Coleby Clawson, Nick Alletto, Travis Uale and Grant Nelson for a musical number. The group sang the hymn “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”.

Hafoka was the next to speak, focusing primarily on faith and how it can help you live a higher standard.

“Times are difficult right now and everyone is fearful of different things,” he said. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ will help us through our trials and help us return to live with our Father in Heaven.”

He went on to say that the first step on the path to discipleship involves prayer, humility and faith.

“When we believe in and act on principals of Jesus Christ, our faith will increase,” he said.

The team continued its tradition of singing, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” before Holly and head coach Bronco Mendenhall took their turns speaking to the congregation.

Two Days to Go

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The Cougars held their last full practice this afternoon before their season opener in two days.

Thursday's Hero

Today the team honored Alva Hunter, an 86-year-old man from American Fork who suffers from primary lateral sclerosis, a disease which causes gradual deterioration of the body's nerves and muscles.

Defensive lineman Russell Tialavea presented Alva with a bag of BYU gifts, saying, "We respect you and know that what you go through every day is much harder than what we go through."

Team captain Jan Jorgensen then asked Alva to sign the team flag which has been carried out before every game each of the past five seasons.

"This flag symbolizes our commitment to our university, faith and everything BYU stands for," said the senior defensive lineman.

Season Opener

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Hey Cougar Fans! After two weeks of practice we made our way to Missouri for the Tiger Invitational. We arrived in Missouri and were anxious to play. After all our hard work we were ready to get into our Cougar uniforms and do our thing. Our first game was on Friday against Ole’ Miss, we played well and beat them in three. After a good night sleep we woke up ready to play our second match of the season against Texas State. We came out ready to play and beat them in three giving us time to prepare for our toughest match of the tournament against Mizzou.

It was a cat fight - Cougars vs. Tigers. Mizzou had their home crowd and they were ready to go. It was a tough match, both sides came out fighting but unfortunately we fell short. It was a great learning experience and we came back to practice ready to learn more and make improvements on our game. We are looking good and hungry for a win!! So come out this Friday and Saturday for the Nike Invitational and support your girls! See ya there!

Countdown...Four Days

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We're only four days away from our season opener in Arlington! Excitement was in the air this afternoon as the team held its second practice of the week.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall did a live interview for ESPNU's College Football Special after practice, so hopefully you had a chance to hear that. Linebacker Matt Bauman and wide receiver O'Neill Chambers also had interviews, with The Mtn. via our Campus Cam.