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BYU Athletics Blog | December 2013

Hyundai Lens of Loyalty

Dec 10, 2013 - Posted by Kyle Chilton at 2:09 pm | Permalink

BYU has created the following video for the Hyundai Lens of Loyalty contest. Check it out to meet some of BYU's loyal fans from across the globe. 

Cougars in the Pros: Lee Cummard combines for 33 points, 19 rebounds and seven assists in two games

Dec 09, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 2:51 pm | Updated: December 9, 2013 2:59 pm | Permalink

Lee Cummard went for 16 points, nine rebounds and five assists in a 71-78 loss to Grissin Bon RE last Tuesday and finished with a double-double, 17 points and 10 rebounds, and two assists in a 62-68 loss to Liege last Friday. 

Charles Abouo finished with eight points in a 72-69 victory over in 11 minutes of play, while Trent Plaisted added 11 points and eight rebounds in a 92-84 victory over Vechta last Saturday. Plaisted also had five points, nine rebounds and three assists in a 56-48 win over Paris-Levallois last Tuesday. 

Rafael Araujo contributed six points and four rebounds in a two-point loss to Liga Sorocaba. Brandon Davies finished with a total of five points, five rebounds, two steals and a block in a total of three games last week, while averaging 12 minutes per game.  

Name Profiles Team League Country Ppg Rpg Apg
Jimmer Fredette BYU | Professional Sacramento NBA USA 4.0 1.7 1.7
Brandon Davies BYU | Professional Philadelphia NBA USA 2.2 2.0 0.8
Rafael Araujo BYU | Professional Mogi das Cruzes Paulista Stage Two Brazil 5.0 4.2 0.8
Lee Cummard BYU | Professional Okapi Aalstar Belgium-Ethias Belgium 10.2 5.8 1.8
Jonathan Tavernari BYU | Professional Pinheiros/Sky Paulista Stage Two Brazil 7.6 5.1 1.0
Charles Abouo BYU | Professional Palencia LEB Gold Spain 6.6 3.1 0.1
Trent Plaisted BYU | Professional Ratiopharm Bundesliga Germany 8.9 5.6 1.0

BYU vs. North Texas Infographic

Dec 04, 2013 - Posted by Kyle Chilton at 4:34 pm | Updated: December 5, 2013 4:12 pm | Permalink

Click on the image to zoom in.

Tyler Haws led five in double figures as BYU beats North Texas 97-67

Dec 03, 2013 - Posted by Jared Houghton at 9:10 pm | Updated: December 4, 2013 9:05 am | Permalink

Tyler Haws scored a game-high 23 points to lead five Cougars in double figures in  a 97-67 win over North Texas.

Eric Mika and Matt Carlino both recorded their first double-doubles of the season. Mika had 17 points and a career-high 11 rebounds and Carlino had 11 assists and a career-high 10 rebounds. Carlino was five points away from a triple-double. Kyle Collinsworth had a career-high 17 points and Skyler Halford had a career-high 16 points off the bench.

Nate Austin opened the scoring in the second half with five points to help spark a 7-0 run for BYU to extend the lead to 47-35. A deflection by Austin led to another Mika dunk from Collinsworth to cap the run with 18:57 remaining. Carlino’s ninth assist led to a big two-hand dunk down the lane by Collinsworth to keep BYU up 53-38.

Halford’s floater started a 6-0 BYU run that included a block by Austin to lead a Bartley dunk in transition and a Haws layup to extend the lead 67-51 at the 11:50 mark. With the layup, Haws passed his father, Marty Haws, to place 20th on BYU’s all-time scoring list.

With just over 14 minutes left in the game, North Texas brought the score within eight points at 56-48 but the Cougars went on a 41-19 run to end the game. Twelve players saw the court tonight. BYU outscored North Texas in the paint 58-30 and held a 26-2 lead in fast break points.

Eric Mika and Tyler Haws lead BYU to a 42-35 lead over North Texas at halftime

Dec 03, 2013 - Posted by Jared Houghton at 7:56 pm | Updated: December 3, 2013 8:01 pm | Permalink

Tyler Haws scored a game-high 15 points and Eric Mika added 11 points and five rebounds to lead BYU to a 42-35 lead over North Texas at halftime.

North Texas opened the game hitting the first two baskets to take an early 5-0 lead. Mika responded by scoring the next two baskets and Kyle Collinsworth threw it down on a fast break to give BYU its first lead of the game at 6-5. The teams traded baskets with neither team pulling ahead by more than three until North Texas took its biggest lead of the half at 14-11 with 16:44 left.

The Cougars pushed back and took a 19-16 lead on another fast-break dunk by Collinsworth. Four ties later the game was knotted up at 25-25 with just under nine minutes left in the first half. BYU went on a 15-6 run over the next six and a half minutes to take a 40-31 lead.  Again the Cougars pushed their lead to nine with a 42-33 lead with just over a minute left and a basket by North Texas put the score at 42-35 going into the locker room. 

In the first half, there were six ties and nine lead changes with the largest lead of nine done twice by BYU. North Texas shot 40 percent from the field and 25 percent from beyond the arc while BYU shot 49 percent from the field and 33 from the three-point line. 

BYU Hoops Mailbag Week Four

Dec 03, 2013 - Posted by knielsen at 1:11 pm | Updated: December 4, 2013 11:26 am | Permalink

As we return from an eventful Thanksgiving week, we'll take a look at two questions. One from a mother wondering what it takes to play Division I basketball and another about something that hasn't happened since anyone on the team was born.

Karla from Phoenix asks:

This is very obviously a mother's question. I have a pre-teen son who wants to play at the collegiate level. I know it takes a lot of work and I want him to go into it with his eyes open. Did all of BYU's players pretty much play basketball year-round before college? What other sports did they play in addition to basketball? What other interests did they have to give up in order to get to the level of play that they are at?

Every scholarship player for the Cougars played mostly year-round between high school basketball and club or AAU teams. There was a split between playing other sports and focusing solely on basketball. Freshmen Frank Bartley IV and Luke Worthington played football through high school, but both said they decided to pursue basketball after high school instead of football. Skyler Halford said he played baseball, football and a little soccer when he was younger, but once 9th grade rolled around he focused on basketball. Halford also said he didn't feel like he missed out not playing sports or filling his time with other hobbies and activities. He had learned how to play the piano when he was younger, but put that off until he served his mission and now he keeps up with it a little better.

So to summarize, dedicating every waking moment to basketball isn't necessary, but prioritizing basketball over other interests probably is on some level.

Lloyd from Aspen asks:

When was the last time a Cougar recorded a triple-double?

On Tuesday night, Matt Carlino got close to a triple double with 10 rebounds, 11 assists, but only five points. No Cougar has accomplished the feat since 1988, before anyone on this BYU team was born. There have been four Cougars who reached double digits in three different categories in a single game and each one did it once in their career. Kresimir Cosic was the first to accomplish it with 15 points, 19 rebounds and 12 assists in a 93-83 win over Niagara on Jan. 17, 1973. Danny Ainge did it in a 100-91 win over Long Beach State on Nov. 28, 1977. He scored 27 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and dished out 13 assists. Four years later on March, 7, 1981, Fred Roberts became the second Cougar to do it with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in a 95-76 win over Utah. The last triple-double came on Feb. 13, 1988, as Michael Smith helped beat Colorado State 86-80 with 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

Those four players are second, third, sixth and 14th in career scoring at BYU. Smith is the career leader in rebounds for BYU, with Cosic second and Roberts sixth. Ainge is second in career assists and Roberts is 10th. Cosic is the career leader in double-doubles at BYU. Smith averaged 7.5 rebounds per game in 1987-88 and averaged 2.5 assists per game over his career. Roberts averaged 8 rebounds per game in 1980-81 and averaged 2.9 assists for his career. Ainge averaged 5.8 rebounds per game his freshman year of 1977-78 and averaged more than five assists per game that season as well.

Carlino got close on Tuesday night and he had approached it against Mount St. Mary's earlier this season and against Washington in the NIT last year. Carlino averages almost five assists per game which is the most in BYU history, so he does have a pretty good baseline for getting to double figures there and a good rebounding game with an average scoring night would also get him close in any given game.

Collinsworth profiles a lot like Roberts. Roberts averaged three assists and seven rebounds a game in his career, this season Collinsworth averages nine rebounds and five assists. A good game distributing the ball puts Collinsworth well within striking distance of a triple-double. He was four assists away in the season opener against Weber State, three rebounds and one assist shy of a triple-double against Stanford and on Saturday against Utah State he was two assists and three points short. Collinsworth has topped double digits in rebounds three times this year and six times in his career. He has never broken double digits in assists.

Have a question you'd liked to have answered?

Send it in with your name and hometown to The mailbag runs on Wednesday each week with a Monday night deadline for questions.

BYU vs. Utah State infographic

Dec 02, 2013 - Posted by Kyle Chilton at 10:26 pm | Updated: December 2, 2013 10:35 pm | Permalink

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Pregame Report vs. North Texas: Coach Rose, Haws and Bartley

Dec 02, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 5:52 pm | Updated: December 2, 2013 7:24 pm | Permalink

BYU basketball coach Dave Rose, Tyler Haws and Frank Bartley IV talked about their matchup against North Texas Tuesday night. The Cougars will play North Texas at the Marriott Center at 7 p.m. MST. They game will be televised live on BYUtv and broadcast on the Cougar IMG Sports Network on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM. 

Coach Rose

On what he liked when playing Utah State:
“We felt really good about the win and how we played. As we went and watched the film, we had certain parts of that game where we competed really well as a group. We didn’t do everything right, but our effort was so good that it made it really tough on them. That’s when you have guys helping each other and trusting each other. The best thing about that game is that we really grew as a group and our ability to trust each other.”

Most challenging aspects on North Texas:
“These guys are really quick. They play fast and their guards are really good dribble penetrators. They get the ball to the rim. Their big guy might be the best running big guy that we face. He can really get out and run to the rim. It’ll be a real fast-paced game. We’ll have a lot of the same issues that we had with Texas. They’re really good in transition.”

On tough schedule:
“We knew the teams would be good. When you play ranked teams, you’re really impressed and they’re really good. But sometimes those unranked teams are a little better and a little tougher but just may have not gotten the publicity yet. The one thing I do believe is every game is a real challenge for our guys and that will help us as we move along. You have to get ready and come every night to play.”

Tyler Haws

On North Texas:
“They’re a bunch of athletes. I think they’re a lot like Texas, really up tempo and their guards want to push it and try and finish in transition. Our defensive transition has got to be pretty good for us to win.”

On the new guys:
“They’re awesome. I feel like each game they get a little more comfortable and confident. They’re not afraid of anyone and they’re not going to back down.”

Frank Bartley IV

On North Texas:
“They’re a good team. They’re very physical and they like to get up and down the court. They’re going to come at us.”

On meeting his expectations and high points:
“I still have my ways to go. I’m still a freshman and I’m still getting better everyday. I’m not surprised about my success, but I feel like I can do a lot more. It’s just the beginning.”

“Just get on the court and play. The minutes I’m getting right now, I just have to keep building on that. There’s more to come. I think a lot of people are sleeping on me. I just want to keep making plays for my teammates, keep making the hustles plays, keep getting defensive stops and provide the spark when we need it.”

Cougars in the Pros: Cummard finishes with 15 points and seven rebounds in win

Dec 02, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 1:46 pm | Updated: December 2, 2013 2:01 pm | Permalink

Lee Cummard finished with 15 points, seven rebounds, three assists and three steals in an 86-61 victory over Spirou last Friday in the Belgian professional league. 

Sixers Brandon Davies averaged 14 minutes per game last week and four points, one assist and one steal in a 110-115 loss to the Detroit Pistons. Jonathan Tavernari scored 10 points in both games last week, including 10 points in a win over fellow Cougar alum Rafael Araujo. Araujo contributed nine points and four rebounds in a 20-point win against Palmeiras later in the week. 

Trent Plaisted finished with eight points, five rebounds and two assists in a 92-84 Euro Cup win over Valencia. With three Euro Cup group games remaining, Plaisted's Ratiopharm team leads its group by a game. 

Name Profiles Team League Country Ppg Rpg Apg
Jimmer Fredette BYU | Professional Sacramento NBA USA 4.0 1.7 1.7
Brandon Davies BYU | Professional Philadelphia NBA USA 2.3 2.1 0.7
Rafael Araujo BYU | Professional Mogi das Cruzes Paulista Stage Two Brazil 6.3 3.3 1.0
Lee Cummard BYU | Professional Okapi Aalstar Belgium-Ethias Belgium 10.7 4.7 0.7
Jonathan Tavernari BYU | Professional Pinheiros/Sky Paulista Stage Two Brazil 9.8 6.6 1.0
Charles Abouo BYU | Professional Palencia LEB Gold Spain 6.4 3.3 0.1
Trent Plaisted BYU | Professional Ratiopharm Bundesliga Germany 8.7 5.4 1.0