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Media Day 2011: Great Expectations for Matt Reynolds

Jul 11, 2011 - Posted by Whitney Weekes on July 11, 2011 at 8:40 pm | Updated: July 12, 2011 8:07 am

In preparation for the 2011 BYU Football Media Day, we checked in with senior offensive lineman Matt Reynolds to see what he's been up to this summer and his thoughts on media day and the upcoming season.

Reynolds, who usually takes some time off during summer, said this year has been a little different because it's his last. 

"With it being my senior season, I've really stayed home more and it's been all about football," Reynolds said. "My emotions coming into this season are just absolute excitement. We have so much to prove with Independence. And really, I have a lot to prove. There have been some high expectations set for me so that is very motivating for me. I'm really excited for this season."

Along with helping BYU prove to the country the type of program it is, Reynolds, who decided against declaring for the draft to return to BYU for his senior year, said going Independent will help him prove himself.

"One of the things I had heard back was that they hadn't really gotten to see me play against some of these teams these other guys are playing against," Reynolds said. "I feel like if you're a good player, you're a good player. I'm going to approach it the same way but I do think it'll help people be able to compare apples to apples, where they can watch me play against one guy and then watch another person play against that same guy and see the differences and similarities."

Reynolds said seeing how real his dream of playing in the NFL is, is both rewarding and motivating.

"It's rewarding to start to see your dreams come to life," Reynolds said. "To see everything you've put into this, all the hours and all the sweat, the surgeries, everything, start to pay off. But at the same time it's hugely motivating to realize that it all comes down to this year. Every game it's going to come down to every single play. It's been really motivating me."

Reynolds is looking forward to media day, especially in the new broadcast building.

"This is my first time in the building, it's pretty impressive," Reynolds said. "I was at the media day last year in Vegas so I kind of know how the system runs. I'm excited about this year because it's something new being Independent. It's a really good opportunity for everyone to get to know the players this season and know what to expect."

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