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Digital Review: October, November and December

Dec 30, 2013 - Posted by knielsen at 1:20 pm | Updated: January 2, 2014 2:26 pm | Permalink

Below you'll find all the video goodness of the men's basketball from the first three months of the season. The clips are split into sections which include Highlights, ESPN, BYUtv, Music and Entertainment (get your lip sync vids here) and Preseason Videos. Each section is structured in reverse chronological order so the most recent stuff is at the top. Enjoy.



Oregon Highlights

Utah Highlights

Prairie View A&M Highlights

BYUtv Prairie View A&M Highlights

Collinsworth Epic Dunk in Slow Motion vs. PVAMU

North Texas Highlights

BYUtv North Texas Highlights

Utah State Highlights

BYUtv Utah State Highlights

Iowa State Highlights

BYUtv Iowa State Highlights

Carlino to Mika Alley-oop vs. Iowa State

Colorado Mesa Highlights

BYUtv Colorado Mesa Highlights

BYUtv Mount St. Mary's Highlights

Weber State Highlights

BYUtv Weber State Highlights

Alaska Anchorage Highlights

Mika dunks against Alaska Anchorage

Colorado College Highlights


Coaches Show


Dec. 16

Dec. 11

Dec. 3




Early Trouble for Power Programs

Andy Katz 3-Point Shot: BYU's Key Loss

Andy Katz 3-Point Shot: BYU's Resume




Mark Pope True Blue Interview on WCC play

True Blue segment on Christmas for kids with cancer

Josh Sharp Practice Interview Dec. 19

Collinsworth Practice Interview Dec. 19

Carlino Practice Interview Dec. 19

Haws Interview Dec. 13

Carlino/Collinsworth Interview Dec. 13

Mika Practice Interview Dec. 13

Rose Practice Interview Dec. 13

Carlino Practice Interview Dec. 10

Haws Practice Interview Dec. 10

Rose Practice Interview Dec. 10

Mika True Blue Interview

North Texas Postgame Recap

Rose Practice Interview Dec. 2

Haws Practice Interview Dec. 2

Bartley IV Practice Interview Dec. 2

Mika Practice Interview Nov. 19

Haws Practice Interiew Nov. 19

Rose Practice Interview Nov. 19

Collinsworth Practice Interview Nov. 19

Carlino Practice Interview Nov. 19

Coach Rose True Blue Signees Interview

Colorado Mesa Postgame Recap

Mount St. Mary's Postgame Recap

Weber State Postgame Recap

Tyler Haws True Blue Interview

Music and Entertainment


All I Want For Christmas ft. Haws, Halford and women's basketball's Xojian Harry

Half Court Shot Contest Winner vs. Utah State

It's All Because of You ft. Haws, Halford, Mika and Worthington

Lost Without U ft. Chase Fischer

Cry Me a River ft. Sharp, Collinsworth

Mo Money Mo Problems ft. Mika, Sharp

Don't Leave Me ft. Bartley IV, Mika, Sharp, Worthington

I Wish ft. Carlino

Ready for More Promo

You're The Inspiration ft. Haws, Halford, Worthington

Media Day Mic Check

Freshman Connection: Cooking with Eric, Frank and Luke


Preseason Videos


Boom shakalaka Dunk Contest

Boom shakalaka Review

Coach Rose at Media Day

Look Back at Josh Sharp

Look Back at Anson Winder

Look Back at Nate Austin

Look Back at Kyle Collinsworth

Look Back at Matt Carlino

Look Back at Tyler Haws

Cougars in the Pros: Brandon Davies scores career-high

Dec 23, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 12:30 pm | Permalink

Sixers Brandon Davies scored a career-high nine points to go along with six rebounds and three steals in 16 minutes of play in a loss to the Brooklyn Nets. 

Lee Cummard combined for a total of 32 points in two games against Verviers-Pepinster and KTP, while Trent Plaisted finished with a double-double, 16 points and 11 rebounds, in a 75-86 loss to Cimberio VA. 

Jimmer Fredette went for nine points, two rebounds and an assist in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks last Wednesday while averaging 7.8 minutes per game last week. 

Name Profiles Team League Country Ppg Rpg Apg
Jimmer Fredette BYU | Professional Sacramento NBA USA 4.4 1.4 1.0
Brandon Davies BYU | Professional Philadelphia NBA USA 2.4 2.0 0.7
Rafael Araujo BYU | Professional Mogi das Cruzes Paulista Stage Two Brazil 5.5 3.9 0.8
Lee Cummard BYU | Professional Okapi Aalstar Belgium-Ethias Belgium 10.9 5.9 2.2
Jonathan Tavernari BYU | Professional Pinheiros/Sky Paulista Stage Two Brazil 7.5 4.7 0.8
Charles Abouo BYU | Professional Palencia LEB Gold Spain 6.0 3.3 0.1
Trent Plaisted BYU | Professional Ratiopharm Bundesliga Germany 9.4 5.9 1.2

Cougars face another tough challenge on the road vs. No. 13/11 Oregon

Dec 19, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 5:24 pm | Updated: December 21, 2013 12:29 am | Permalink

BYU basketball coach Dave Rose and players spoke to the media after Thursday's practice. The Cougars face No. 13/11 Oregon on the road on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PST. 

Coach Rose

On focus this week:
“I think there are some things we’ve taken from the last couple games that are really important for us to get better at. I think our guys have been really good and they’ve responded really well in a tough week. Their schedules are messed up staying up late studying and taking two finals every day this week. We understand that we’ve got to make better decisions on the offensive end of the floor, defensively we have to be way more consistent in our effort and execution.”

On tough non-conference schedule:
“There are no regrets. We’ve had so many opportunities to play good teams and we’re getting a lot of these teams back at our place. We’ve learned a lot from the games. I would like to put a schedule like this together every year, but maybe not so one-sided.”

“We’ve had opportunities out there and we haven’t capitalized on all of them, but we have another one on Saturday, so we’ll look forward to it.”

On team’s confidence:
“They’re down after this rivalry loss, obviously, but I think they understand we need to improve and get better. Right now, they’re all 100 percent committed to doing that.”

Matt Carlino

On practice this week:
“We’ve been conditioning a lot. Obviously not wanting to repeat what we did then, but moving on and getting ready for Oregon.”

On what to expect on Saturday:
“We expect to play a good team. They’re one of the top teams in the country and Coach was telling us today how much talent they have and we’re expecting to play a good team.”

On confidence level:
“I feel like we’re coming together as a team. I feel like we want to come out and play well in this Oregon game. It’s tough when you have a lot of space in between our games and with finals. We just want to come out and play well in this Oregon game to build our confidence going into league play.”

Kyle Collinsworth

On what practice has been like since Utah game:
“They’ve been pretty intense. They’re about coming together as a team and figuring out how we can get better each day and how to prepare for our game on Saturday against Oregon.”

On confidence level and tough schedule:
“We’re still confident. There were a lot of games we could’ve won that we didn’t. We’re always going to be confident. We just need to make us better to get us ready for Saturday and for conference play.”

“I’d rather play ranked teams because it’s going to help us come March and April. Those are teams you’re going to play. Those ranked teams are going to be where we want to be, so it’s good for us. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

On Oregon’s high-scoring offense and BYU’s defense:
“We’re going to have to play defense to win that game, that’s for sure. If we don’t play defense, we don’t win that game. It was this week’s emphasis as well as free-throw shooting.”

“We have to trust that if I close out, somebody’s going to help. It’s just the little principles we have, and we have to do them. We’re getting better. We’re a young team and we’re figuring it out. I promise by the end of the year, we’re going to be a good defensive team.” 

Cougars in the Pros: Lee Cummard scores 23 points

Dec 16, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 1:31 pm | Updated: December 16, 2013 1:44 pm | Permalink

Lee Cummard finished with 23 points, three rebounds and five assists in a 70-63 win against Groningen last Tuesday. 

Cummard also added 13 points and seven rebounds in a 80-57 victory over Leuven on Saturday. Trent Plaisted contributed 15 points and seven rebounds in a 72-59 win against Brose Baskets, while Jonathan Tavernari finished with 10 points and three rebounds on Saturday.

Jimmer Fredette scored a season-high 13 points to go along with two rebounds and one assist against the Utah Jazz while averaging 8.25 minutes per game last week. Brandon Davies averaged 14 minutes per game last week and added four points, two rebounds and two assists against the Portland Trailblazers on Saturday. 

For weekly updates, visit Cougars in the Pros, here

Name Profiles Team League Country Ppg Rpg Apg
Jimmer Fredette BYU | Professional Sacramento NBA USA 4.3 1.6 1.1
Brandon Davies BYU | Professional Philadelphia NBA USA 2.1 2.0 0.7
Rafael Araujo BYU | Professional Mogi das Cruzes Paulista Stage Two Brazil 5.7 4.0 0.9
Lee Cummard BYU | Professional Okapi Aalstar Belgium-Ethias Belgium 10.4 6.2 1.9
Jonathan Tavernari BYU | Professional Pinheiros/Sky Paulista Stage Two Brazil 7.4 4.7 0.8
Charles Abouo BYU | Professional Palencia LEB Gold Spain 6.2 3.0 0.1
Trent Plaisted BYU | Professional Ratiopharm Bundesliga Germany 9.4 5.8 1.0

Cougars ready to play Utes

Dec 13, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 5:58 pm | Updated: December 13, 2013 6:30 pm | Permalink

BYU basketball coach Dave Rose and players talked about their Saturday matchup against in-state rival Utah. The Cougars will travel to the Huntsman Center to play Utah on Saturday at 8 p.m. MST. The game will be televised live on Pac-12 Network and broadcast on the Cougar IMG Sports Network on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM. 

Dave Rose

On improved Utah team:
"This team is really good. You look at their offensive numbers and they're really impressive. They're outscoring their opponents by 25 points a game, shooting 55 percent from the field and 64 percent from two. Their defensive numbers have always been good and now I think they've got an offense that matches it."

“The fact that they’ve won 10 games in a row (at home) is tough enough. We’ve got to go in there and play well to try and break their confidence right now.”

On the rivalry:
“I think the rivalry is pretty much like it’s been since I’ve been the coach here. I’ve been here for 17 years and it’s kind of gone back and forth and I think every game is a memorable game.”

On last year's game vs. Utah:
“I remember that we were behind most of the time. They came in and took control of the game and we were trying to play from behind. The last few minutes of the game, we had some guys make some big plays and those were game changers.”

On things to improve on the road:
“I think sometimes coaches and players feel like you need to put a perfect game together, but I just feel like our effort has to be perfect. They’re going to have a great game plan and they have really good players. There are going to be possessions when they’re better than we are and that can’t get you down and that can’t send you sideways as far as your effort is concerned. Your effort has to be really consistent throughout the whole game and hopefully our guys are ready for it.

Tyler Haws

On rivalry and environment:
“We’re trying to treat it like any other game, but we’re excited to go up to the Huntsman and play. I enjoy being a part of the rivalry and we’re looking forward to it. They’re doing a good job and they have a great team this year and so we’re going to have to be ready to play.”

“We love playing in hostile environments and I’m sure there will be a really good crowd there tomorrow. I think our team responds well to that stuff.

“They don’t go away no matter how many points you’re up, so we’re going to have to put 40 minutes together and play the right way to beat them.”

On playing well on the road:
“I think just do what we do in the Marriott Center. I think we need to push the ball and try and get out in transition and have a really good defensive effort so we can get long rebounds. My mental approach is the same to every game and I’m going to come ready to fight right from the start.” 

Kyle Collinsworth

On what the coaches emphasized for tomorrow night:
“Just stop penetration. They’re shooting 64 percent from two, so we have to keep guys in front of us and play our best.”

On atmosphere and rivalry:
“We’re expecting them to hate us and yell at us, but we’re used to that anywhere we go because they don’t like you and you’re the opponent. We’re not going to worry about that and play our game and do the things we do.”

“I think this game especially is special for the fans. We really want to win this one, of course for us and our team, but for the fans because it means a lot to them.”

On playing a road game:
“We’re trying to be a great team and to be a great team we have to win on the road and at home and that’s what we’re striving for. I’m glad it’s on the road because it’ll be a good test for us early in the season and prepare us for conference.” 

Four players score in double figures in BYU's 100-52 win over Prairie View A&M

Dec 11, 2013 - Posted by Jared Houghton at 9:00 pm | Permalink

Four players scored in double figures as BYU cruised to a 100-50 win over Prairie View A&M at the Marriott Center.

Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth finished with a game-high 19 points with Eric Mika adding 15 and Anson Winder chipping in 11 for BYU.

The second half started with a slower pace than the first half as both teams were not making as many baskets. BYU scored seven points highlighted by a layup by Frank Bartley IV and a steal and a layup by Matt Carlino 10 seconds later.

Following a media timeout, both teams went two minutes without scoring before Prairie View hit a layup and Tyler Haws found Bartley on the wing for a 3-pointer. Carlino had his hand in the next eight points to give BYU some much-needed energy. He had a layup and on the next possession, stole a pass in the front court and scored in transition. Over the next two possessions, Carlino found Kyle Collinsworth for two layups including an acrobatic alley-oop where Carlino almost lost the ball before throwing it up and watching Collinsworth throw it down.

The previous plays were part of a 20-0 run that BYU went on during the middle of the second half. Over that run, BYU built a 76-37 lead.

Josh Sharp came into the game late in the half and scored a quick four points to get in the scoring column. Skyler Halford beat his man and found Sharp open for an easy lay-in and Anson Winder drove to the middle and passed it to Sharp for a two-handed dunk on the baseline.

Eleven out of the 12 players who saw action tonight scored as BYU almost doubled up the visiting team 100-50.



Haws' hot shooting leads BYU to a 46-28 halftime lead

Dec 11, 2013 - Posted by Jared Houghton at 7:56 pm | Updated: December 11, 2013 8:05 pm | Permalink

Tyler Haws scored a season first-half high of 19 points to help BYU to a 46-28 lead over Prairie View A&M.

Haws opened the game going 5 for 5 from the floor, including 3 for 3 from the 3-point line to score 13 early points to help BYU open an early 15-6 lead. His three 3-pointers are a season-high and he passed Trent Plaisted for 19th place for career scoring at BYU.

The Cougars continued to push the ball and controlled the tempo and led 21-10 with just under 12 minutes left in the first half. Frank Bartley IV got the ball on the wing and found Nate Austin underneath the basket for an easy layup and two trips later, Eric Mika completed the traditional 3-point play to put BYU up 29-12 with 9:30 left in the opening half.

BYU started the game in man-to-man and played with a lot of passion and energy but also stayed under control. Mika committed the first Cougar foul 12 minutes into the game. As a defense, BYU forced nine turnovers and had five steals to control the tempo in the first half.

Kyle Collinsworth ended a two minute drought for the Cougars on a 3-point play and then Bartley had two assists on the next two possessions to give the offense its life back. On the first possession, Bartley drove to the hole and passed it to Collinsworth behind his back for an easy dunk. Following a defensive rebound, Bartley drove baseline and found Austin cutting down the lane for an easy layup.

Matt Carlino hit one of two free throws with six seconds left in the half for the final margin of the frame, 46-28.

BYU Hoops Mailbag Week Five

Dec 10, 2013 - Posted by knielsen at 9:31 pm | Updated: December 11, 2013 10:01 am | Permalink

The mailbag returns at the more-or-less first third point of the season. There are still two weeks before the Cougars jump into West Coast Conference play and two Pac-12 opponents are left before that happens. On to the questions.

The Cougars are scoring a lot of points this season, even when they lose. Has that affected other things or are more points the only unique part of the season so far?

Through 10 games, the Cougars have put up 89.9 points per game, the highest in the Dave Rose era by almost seven points. Thanks to BYU playing fast and scoring points, there are two things that are happening that don't happen all that often.

The Cougars have two players averaging 5+ assists per game in Matt Carlino and Kyle Collinsworth. A player averaging five assists by himself has only happened six times by five different players in BYU history: Matt Montague did it twice, Nathan Call, Danny Ainge, Marty Haws and Randy Reid all accomplished the feat for one season. 

Heading into the Prairie View A&M game, Carlino and Collinsworth each average 5.4 assists per game.

That isn't just unique at BYU. Carlino and Collinsworth are the only teammates in the nation who average 5+ assists per game. They are both 25th in the nation in assists per game and BYU as a team is fourth in the country for total assists and 10th in assists per game. They average 17.8 per game or Carlino and Collinsworth plus seven more assists per game. The last time BYU averaged 17 assists per game was the first year after Jimmer, when Matt Carlino led the team and four players averaged two or more assists each game.

The other unique part about this season so far are the four players who are averaging double figures in scoring. Tyler Haws, Matt Carlino, Eric Mika and Kyle Collinsworth each put up more than 10 points a night. Having a team do that has happened three times during Dave Rose's tenure: in his first year 2005-06, in Jimmer's junior year (and Haws' freshman year) of 2009-10 and the year after Jimmer in 2011-12. 

In Rose's first year, Trent Plaisted averaged 13 points a game, while three others averaged just above 10. The team made it into the NIT and averaged 76 points a game. In 2009-10, Jimmer averaged 22 a game, while Jackson Emery, Haws and Jonathan Tavernari averaged 12, 11 and 10, respectively. The team averaged 83 points per game and made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament. In 2011-12, Noah Hartsock averaged 16, Brandon Davies 15, Carlino 12 and Charles Abouo 11. The team made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament while averaging 77 a game.

So far this year, Haws is averaging almost 24 a game, Carlino has averaged 18, Mika 14 and Collinsworth 12. 

The three previous teams to have four players average double digits were all a bit different in what they accomplished. The 2005-06 season was the first under coach Rose and his system and the Cougars flipped their record from 9-21 in 2004-05 to 20-9. In 2009-10, they were getting used to being Jimmer's team and improved by five wins from the previous year and won an NCAA tournament game for the first time since 1993. In 2011-12, they were replacing Jimmer and Jackson Emery and still won 26 games and made the NCAA tournament.

This year's team is unique in a couple ways. Haws is a prolific scorer and in his junior year a la Jimmer in 2009-10, but this team doesn't have any seniors and has freshmen who are contributing as well as some very experienced juniors. Most pundits have the Cougars in the tournament if it started today. Going with these numbers, they have a great shot at advancing in the tournament as they did in 2010 and 2012.

Have a question you'd liked to have answered?

Send it in with your name and hometown to The mailbag runs on Wednesday each week with a Monday night deadline for questions.

Coach Rose, Haws and Carlino talk about their matchup against Prairie View A&M

Dec 10, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 5:30 pm | Updated: December 10, 2013 7:14 pm | Permalink

BYU basketball coach Dave Rose, Tyler Haws and Matt Carlino talk about their Wednesday night matchup against Prairie View A&M after practice. The Cougars will take on Prairie View A&M at the Marriott Center on Wednesday at 7 p.m. MST. The game will be televised live on BYUtv and broadcast on the Cougar IMG Sports Network on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM. 

Coach Rose

On Prairie View A&M:

"Three of their starters average double figures. They're a good scoring team. It's pretty similar to the last two games we played. They really like to push the ball in transition and we're going to have to do a good job with defensive transition. They really rely on dribble penetration and have a 5-11 guy who can drive the ball and get to the middle of the floor. We're going to have to do a much better job than we did on Saturday."

"We've got a lot of work to do. I think our team has proven that we've got good scorers, we can score inside, we can score outside, but defensively is a challenge."

On playing zone defense:
"We played a lot of zone in Kansas City and hopefully we can get back to man-to-man defense. This team has played a lot more man-to-man than zone this year. We can get way better and the last two practices, the guys have shown a lot of improvement and we'll see improvement tomorrow night."

Tyler Haws

On what they're working on for Prairie View A&M:
"We obviously have to get better defensively. There's been a huge emphasis on the defensive side of the floor. We can put the ball in the basket, but we have to focus on defending and keep the teams from scoring."

"They have some really good guards that like to penetrate and shoot a little bit. They've played some tough teams this year and played them pretty well, so we have to be ready for them." 

"We just have to take it one game at a time. You can't overlook anyone, so we're focused on tomorrow."

On defensive issues:
"We worked really hard in the summer on our defense. I think we just kind of get relaxed sometimes, because we have athletes and we have a lot of good defenders on the team. I think it's more of a mindset and we're trying to fix that."

On 7-3 record so far:
"We're a little disappointed just because we felt like in each of our losses we had chances to pull away and get those wins. Obviously they would've been big wins for us, but there's a little bit of disappointment but we're happy with where we're at. I think we've gotten better and learned a lot from our losses, so hopefully it helps us going forward and hopefully we continue to get better."

Matt Carlino

On coming off of UMass loss:
"We talked a lot about defense. We've given up so many points, especially on the road. We just have to get better. We score a lot of points, but if we're not going to defend, we're not going to win." 

On Prairie View A&M:
"That's what it comes down to, getting stops. We can score a lot of points and if anyone wants to run with us, we're going to score a lot even if they don't. We just have to get stops." 

Cougars in the Pros: Lee Cummard combines for 33 points, 19 rebounds and seven assists in two games

Dec 09, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee at 2:51 pm | Updated: December 9, 2013 2:59 pm | Permalink

Lee Cummard went for 16 points, nine rebounds and five assists in a 71-78 loss to Grissin Bon RE last Tuesday and finished with a double-double, 17 points and 10 rebounds, and two assists in a 62-68 loss to Liege last Friday. 

Charles Abouo finished with eight points in a 72-69 victory over in 11 minutes of play, while Trent Plaisted added 11 points and eight rebounds in a 92-84 victory over Vechta last Saturday. Plaisted also had five points, nine rebounds and three assists in a 56-48 win over Paris-Levallois last Tuesday. 

Rafael Araujo contributed six points and four rebounds in a two-point loss to Liga Sorocaba. Brandon Davies finished with a total of five points, five rebounds, two steals and a block in a total of three games last week, while averaging 12 minutes per game.  

Name Profiles Team League Country Ppg Rpg Apg
Jimmer Fredette BYU | Professional Sacramento NBA USA 4.0 1.7 1.7
Brandon Davies BYU | Professional Philadelphia NBA USA 2.2 2.0 0.8
Rafael Araujo BYU | Professional Mogi das Cruzes Paulista Stage Two Brazil 5.0 4.2 0.8
Lee Cummard BYU | Professional Okapi Aalstar Belgium-Ethias Belgium 10.2 5.8 1.8
Jonathan Tavernari BYU | Professional Pinheiros/Sky Paulista Stage Two Brazil 7.6 5.1 1.0
Charles Abouo BYU | Professional Palencia LEB Gold Spain 6.6 3.1 0.1
Trent Plaisted BYU | Professional Ratiopharm Bundesliga Germany 8.9 5.6 1.0