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New Features on the Site

Nov 17, 2011 - Posted by Kyle Chilton on November 17, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Updated: November 17, 2011 2:17 pm

Since the launch of the new during the summer, the site has been updated and new features have been added and there is more to come. Here is a list of a few updates, related specifically to men's basketball:

  • In the News Presented by the Daily Herald: This section is available for all sports and it provides links to local and national stories about BYU athletics. The men's basketball list is very comprehensive and will be throughout the season.
  • Player statistics: The player bio pages now have a tab called 'Athlete Stats' that provides detailed career and game-by-game stats for every player on the men's basketball team. Check out Brandon Davies' page as an example.
  • Schedules: The schedules for the current seasons include more info that before, including links to every way to follow the game, including TV, radio, live audio, live video and live stats. For men's basketball, every schedule back to 1902-03 is on the site. If you click on the current schedule, there is a drop down menu at the top that will give you access to every season in BYU men's basketball history.
  • GameDay pages: The GameDay pages give you everything you need to know about the game. You can get directions to the venue, check the weather, find out how to follow the game, check out links for each team and read stories related to the game. Get to the GameDay pages by clicking on the opponent names on the schedules.
  • Season Statistics: Season stats have been added for every season back to 1990-91 and more will be added soon. If you want to know who led the team in scoring in 1993-94, now you can find out. It was KSL stats man Russell Larson by the way, at 19.9 per game.
  • Archives: Under MBKB on the menu for the men's basketball page, you'll find 'Archives' as an option. This breaks the links down by season and gives you access to the rosters, stats and schedules for each year back to 1999-2000 (more will be added). For current seasons you can also find season previews and reviews. You'll also see who coached each year and what the team's record was that season.
  • Records: Records have always been on the site but now they include much more. Now you can find Yearly Leaders, Individual Records (career, season and single game), 1,000 Point Scorers, Team Records (season and single game) and Marriott Center Records.
  • All-Time Honors: Another section that's been there but is now more updated and includes more of the history.

We hope you've been enjoying and know there are more additions coming to men's basketball and other areas of the site. We'd also like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any ideas for the site by emailing me at