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Quotes from Coach Rose and players after Tuesday's practice

Jan 21, 2014 - Posted by Sugene Lee on January 21, 2014 at 6:39 pm | Updated: January 21, 2014 8:51 pm

BYU head coach Dave Rose

On Portland beating Gonzaga:

"I think our guys are in a pretty good mindset right now as far as their preparation, but I think that's part of the process is try to go through any team and who they've played, where they've played and the big games they won, because that can get the attention of your players."

"This Portland team is built to win and hopefully we can play well and be successful up there."

On Portland's bigs:

"This will be a similar challenge to Pepperdine the first time we played them. They're both really skilled, they can stretch you, but their guards are so much improved. I think the challenge will be trying to figure out a way to handle those post guys in the low post and the high post and still cover their guards."

On tough road games this week:

"We spend the majority of our time worrying about this Portland game, and the challenge at Gonzaga is not just for one or two teams. They've been pretty good at home since they built that arena, so we'll worry about that on Friday. We know this is an important time of the season."

"Hopefully we can play well and have good results, but it's a difficult road trip, there's no question about it."

"We say this all the time that this game we're playing, even though it's really important and we want to give it our best effort in preparation and in our effort as we play, it's not going to make or break our season, but we want to play like it does and deal with the results and move forward from there." 

On Gonzaga:

"They know the date we were playing Gonzaga when we got the schedule. The real challenge for us is to make sure that stays in the back of their minds, not in the front of their minds, because Portland will be all we can handle. Hopefully we can be at full force and that's kind of the issue right now. I want these guys to have the very best opportunity as possible." 

Tyler Haws

On being in foul trouble:

"I think it's just dumb plays on my part. I don't know if I've ever had two fouls called on me that quick before, but I do have to be smarter and I have to recognize the way the refs are calling the game. Each crew kind of refs the game differently, so I have to recognize those things."

On Portland and Gonzaga:

"[Gonzaga] is in the back of our minds, but you have to take each game one game at a time and you can't overlook anyone. I think we learned that lesson in our first two games in conference, so you have to take it one game at a time and try and execute the game plan that the coaches put in to the best of our abilities." 

"Each team has talented players, but we trust the coaches and we trust their game plan. If we play the right way, I feel like we can beat anyone." 

Matt Carlino

On Portland:

"Their bigs are really good. They're a solid team and they're good at home."

On coming off the bench:

"I'm not fighting anything, I'm just trying to play my best and get better everyday. I think it's all about improving and going out there and doing what I do. Whatever minutes I get, I'm good with it."