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Quotes from Coach Rose and players before Pacific game

Jan 29, 2014 - Posted by Lorie Garnett on January 29, 2014 at 6:31 pm | Updated: January 29, 2014 10:54 pm

Nate Austin

On Pacific:

"I think we are still pretty confident. I think our team is still hungry, and we are eager to get back on the floor and play again.

"I think we are eager to get back on the court, I think we have had a couple good days of practice. This is a really good Pacific team coming in, with really good experience. They are a great team with a lot of older guys and a lot of great leadership on the team."

Matt Carlino

"I think we are happy to be back and we have a good mindset right now. Defensively, I think we can be more consistent." 

On coming off the bench:

"I feel like I get to see the game develop when I am on the bench, and it’s nice when we really attack guys early. It’s an advantage coming off the bench in some regard."

On Pacific:

"They are solid. They are a good team, they have shooters, and they look real physical on film. I think they are going to fit in well in the league and they are a good team. So we need to be ready for them."

Eric Mika

On defense:

"We play a lot of solid teams that run their stuff well and it's hard to stay focused the entire time, and then they might hit a couple shots, and it gets you out of your groove on defense. So we just need to improve on staying focused even if they are scoring."

"More communication has been a big point of emphasis, and that starts with us big guys, Nate and I. We have to be louder in telling the guards that they have help. If we talk more then they will have more confidence on the perimeter."

On competing at home:

"I think it helps a lot to play at home, and we have played well here. So it will be good to come back and regroup and then when we go on our next trip we will have more confidence behind us."

On Pacific:

"They are a well-balanced team, and they are really physical. Coaches were talking about how Pacific went into Utah State this year and beat them, and its hard to get wins up there. We know they are a talented team so we really need to focus."

Tyler Haws

On conference play:

"We have played against the best teams in the country and we have played against lots of great competition in our conference, so we know we can play with anyone. I think we are trying to reach our full potential and finish this second half of conference the right way and then make a run in our conference tournament."

On playing on the road:

"It’s definitely been a challenge. You always like playing on your home floor, but I think it’s definitely made our team stronger and I don’t think our team has fallen apart or gone sideways. Guys still believe and we are still fighting."

Coach Dave Rose

On Pacific:

"I think our guys hopefully understand that this team is put together really well. It's an experienced team and they play a lot of seniors. That win in Logan was really impressive early in the year and I think they have had some tough games in our league and I’m sure they are trying to adjust to the style of play in this league, but on film they look really impressive. They run their offense really well."

"Their guys play hard, they play well. Turnovers might be an issue for them at times. One thing about league play that can really get you is your confidence level. They are coming in here after a big win, after a few losses, and hopefully we can play well enough and not let them get started in our building because I think they are really capable. If you go into Logan and win, I think you can go anywhere and win."

"They have got really good balance, balance in their scoring. They kind of play in spurts, they get you down, then they get on a roll. They have the ability to be pretty explosive as well. They are a very tough defensive team, they guard you hard. They’re physical, and hopefully our guys are ready for it."

On defense:

"The challenge that we face tomorrow is similar to the challenge that we faced a couple weeks ago when we came back from LMU and Pepperdine and they both hit quite a few threes on us, and we just got back from a road trip where both teams were really good from the 3-point line. We responded well last time, so hopefully we can respond well this time. I think that seems to be the pattern. We are overhelping in the post and guys are getting loose on us on the perimeter."