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Men's Football Blog | July 2011

Media Day 2011: Breakout Session Photo Gallery

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Photos from the breakout session with BYU coaches.

Media Day 2011: Breakout Sessions with the Coaches

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Besides head coach Bronco Mendenhall announcing a three-year extension, other coaches also participated in the breakout session including Brandon Doman, quarterback coach and newly-instated offensive coordinator, Joe Dupaix, who is joining the Cougars this year as running back coach and recruiting coordinator and Nick Howell, secondary and special teams coach.  We asked them their thoughts on Media Day and the upcoming season.

Brandon Doman

On BYU’s quarterback situation:

“I was given the charge when I took the job to never allow BYU football to be in a position without quarterbacks.  This is the strongest we’ve been since I’ve been here and I hope to keep it that way.”

On Media Day:

“This is a surreal experience for me coming into this new facility at this time to a new era of BYU football as a brand new offensive coordinator.  I feel really fortunate and highly motivated because I recognize and understand the opportunity that is at hand right now. “

How does this Media Day compare to ones you participated in as an athlete here at BYU?

“You don’t have to go on a plane and fly anywhere and you don’t have the competition with other coaches and other athletes.  You’re in a facility that is second to none on your own campus with partners like ESPN and BYUtv.  I think it’s not only a plus for us but for all of the media that are present.”

Joe DuPaix

What do you do in the summer to become cohesive as a staff?

"We still get together and text each other all of the time.  I go golfing with Coach Doman and some other people. We're still in contact all of the time.  We have a great staff and we're really excited to be working together as a staff. We're having a good time and why shouldn't we be?  We work at BYU.  We work with great young men and we're just excited to be here."

How does independence help with recruiting?

"We can recruit anyone from the country, we always have done that, but now we can play anyone in the country.  We're not tied in to just one conference, so being able to play in Florida or wherever, we can attract more attention from recruits in those areas and so that's going to help tremendously and we're just going to work our tails off to be able to find the best in the country to come play at BYU."

Nick Howell

What are your first impressions of the new BYU Broadcasting building?

"This building is unbelievable. The facilities are awesome.  I'd never been up here before so I'm really impressed."

Thoughts on the upcoming season:

"We're way excited about this season. We feel like we have a lot of talent in the secondary. We lost some starters, so there are some young guys who are anxious to prove they can play at this level. I know they're training hard. I trust them to do well."

How do you feel about independence?

"What a great opportunity for our university and for our faith and for the chance to get out there and play on the biggest stage. It's two-fold. We get to represent what we believe in and then play the game that we love and do it at the highest level. It's exciting, it's a challenge and that's what athletics are about."

Media Day 2011: Bryan Kariya Interview

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BYU cameras caught up with BYU Running Back Bryan Kariya during the break.

Media Day 2011: Jameson Frazier Interview

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BYU cameras caught up with BYU Linebacker Jameson Frazier during the break.

Media Day 2011: Behind the Scenes at the Live Show

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Here's a look behind the scenes at the Live Show.

Media Day 2011: State of the Program Live Photo Gallery

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Photos from BYUtv's live "State of the Program."

Media Day 2011: Bronco Mendenhall Announces Three Year Extension

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During the first breakout session of the 2011 BYU football media day, head coach Bronco Mendenhall announced his intentions to lead the Cougars into independence with a three-year contract extension.

“I have extended my contract for three more years,” Mendenhall said. “I am absolutely satisfied with my job here and I have been treated more than fairly. I am very realistic and there is a lot on the line going independent, so I want to ensure that I am worthy of my position. I want to give everything I have for those three years and lead the charge through independence.”

In his six years at the helm of BYU, Mendenhall has led the Cougars to six bowl games and a 56-21 (.727) record. His winning percentage is the seventh best among current FBS head coaches with at least five years experience.

“Tom (Holmoe) wanted to announce this extension but I didn’t want it to be another story,” Mendenhall said. “I get enough attention just being the BYU football coach.”

BYU will begin its first season as an FBS Independent with an opening game at Mississippi. The schedule has been a strain to put together and the benefits of going independent are not without risks.

“I am invigorated at the chance to keep the program moving forward and I am anxious to be the coach to take this move on,” Mendenhall said. “There is a huge amount of risk in going independent but it’s also a great opportunity for the program.”

In four of his six seasons, Mendenhall has led the BYU to double-digit wins. The Cougars began 2010 with a 1-4 start before finishing 6-2 in the final eight games, including a 52-24 New Mexico Bowl victory against UTEP.

“I am hoping I am the coach that can navigate us to independence successfully but this move is way bigger than the head coach,” Mendenhall said. “This is about BYU football, which has a tradition unlike any other. I am ready to help this team prove our worth at the national level.”

Keep up with BYU football media day on for the remainder of the day. Online interactive chats will begin at 11:00 am MT and will continue until 12:00 pm. The Legends Show, featuring a variety of past BYU players, will begin at 1:00 pm.

Media Day 2011: Behind the Scenes in the Control Room

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Here's a look behind the scenes at what's going on in the control room during Media Day.

Media Day 2011: Football State of the Program

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Football State of the Program with BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe, BYUtv’s Derek Marquis, ESPN’s Dave Brown and BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall:

Benefits of BYU broadcasting

“Back in September when we had the actual announcement of independence, we said how are we going to be able to pull this off, and it’s because of this new building. We’re thrilled to bring people here and show it off.” – Marquis

“Walking through this facility I would swear I was in Bristol. This facility is so impressive, its technological capabilities, it is all the same as ESPN. It’s going to be great. One other thing is the ability for us to work closely with BYU broadcasting just to get everyone more opportunities and more exposure. This deal just opens up more doors for all sports and will help fans get more access to BYU.” - Brown

“It’s impressive and it’s unprecedented and it’s what is helping us do this.” – Mendenhall on BYUtv’s impact on going independent

“This is a great moment for us. Anyone that has watched us over the years knows how many great games BYU has given us and we’re really excited about the opportunity to partner with BYU broadcasting and to get BYU football in front of as big of an audience as we can.” – Brown

“BYU television was created with the fans in mind, getting access to as many fans as we can.” – Holmoe


“Our goal is to win a National Championship and to do that we know we will have to go undefeated and at some point I know we will be. With the schedule and the exposure I would say we have more to play for now. I think the tough schedule is a benefit rather than a hindrance at this point.” – Mendenhall

“People love playing BYU. The schedule moving forward will give us an opportunity to play games across the country.” – Brown

“I’m looking forward to Notre Dame, it’s a natural rivalry. It’s not regional but it’s national. I like the idea of Boise State as well. We restore an old rivalry with Hawaii also.” – Mendenhall on future rivalries

“We are in the beginning stages of the schedule. As we go on, BYU will be able to balance out the schedule. Teams from the Big East, ACC, and others will play BYU in October and November. We have such a strong partnership with BYU so we want to assist them in any way possible to get them the schedule they want.” – Brown

BYU Independence

“I am hoping I am the coach that can navigate us to independence successfully but this is way bigger than just the head coach. This is about BYU football, which has a tradition unlike any other. I am anxious to help this team prove our worth on the National level.” - Mendenhall

“The intrigue is more ‘awe’ as in – how are you going to do it? What they don’t understand is that we have our own TV network. That alone boggles their mind, and what they don’t really understand is the BYU brand. Its gone much smoother than anticipated but many still cant believe we are doing it. Awestruck and anxious is where other colleges are in terms of how they think of our independence move.” – Mendenhall on other colleges’ opinions of BYU independence

“I think the fans should know that going independent was long thought out. Looking at players that are on missions and our young players, there are some good personnel. Our team is going to be personnel wise ready for this move. He [Mendenhall] is well aware of the pressure that he is under to perform this season. He wants that and embraces that.” – Holmoe

“We want exposure. We want to give our fans access. Our fans want to see us play the best teams throughout the country. We are a national university with 390,000 living alumni. We can go to different parts of the country and wherever we go, they will come. So when we strategize about our schedule, we are going to try to travel throughout the country.” – Holmoe

Honor Code

“I think positively and it certainly does exclude those from coming that don’t want it. I only want those that do want it. No one lives in perfectly but the intention of the honor code is to help people reach their potential. They aren’t perfect and our goal is to help them grow, even when they make mistakes. We make our standards clear form the beginning. Our program is not about enticing, its about explaining what they want and if they want to play under our standards.” – Mendenhall

“It is the greatest strength I have to coach to and recruit to. To coach kids with those standards is the greatest opportunity in my life. Can you win games with these standards? We are doing it. We want more people throughout the world to see who we really are. Why move independent and stay the same? This is a defining movement in the institution's history. To not take the risk, that wouldn't be right." – Mendenhall

Partnership with ESPN

* ESPN will be available on BYU’s campus cable this coming year

* Ten games will be on ESPN this year and eight are already scheduled for next year.

“BYU will be right at the top of exposure on ESPN. This deal for BYU will put them at or near the top and will put BYU up there with the SEC guys.” – Brown

“We feel very positive about where we’re going with the WCC and how our sports, particularly basketball being on ESPN again, this will benefit our basketball team and all of our other Olympic sports.” - Holmoe

“The landscape of athletics these days is always changing and it’s nice to be able to have people at BYU and ESPN to help us.” – Holmoe

“We’ve worked closely with ESPN and it is exciting to know that we will have teams coming to BYU that haven’t been here before and even this first year we’re going places that we’ve never been before.” –Holmoe

“Our program is strong, we have a world-wide following and we’ve partnered with a world-wide partner of sports.” – Mendenhall

“Our schedule was lacking because we didn’t have BYU on.” – Brown on ESPN’s schedule

“We aren’t and won’t lose a single recruit by not being in the Mountain West Conference. Now kids around the country are seeing that we are independent like Notre dame. Then they hear that we are starting at Ole Miss and at Texas, and about our nationwide partnership with ESPN, and they realize that something is happening here. It’s not taking much for recruits, boosters to see that this isn’t a step backward, it’s a step forward.” - Mendenhall

Media Day 2011: Catching Up with Greg Wrubell and Kurt Kragthorpe

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The 2011 BYU football media day is upon us. Months after announcing their football independence, the BYU football program is prepared for its first ever independent media day. We caught up with Greg Wrubell, the voice of the Cougars for KSL Radio, and Kurt Kragthorpe of the Salt Lake Tribune just before the first live show.

“The events today will give us as the media a chance to see where BYU is now compared with where they were when the made the independence announcement a few months ago. The media will see why this was the right move for the school and the fans will get a chance to see what they have to look forward to over the next few years,” Wrubell said.

Kragthorpe is attending his first media day. He is looking forward to find out more about BYU going forward and how prepared the team is for independence.

“I actually never attended a Mountain West Conference media day, so I am so glad BYU is hosting its own event. I hope to find out how independence is different and what will change without a conference championship on the line.”

Exposure is the key for the BYU program on this first annual media day. For national and local media alike, media day will serve as a barometer of the newest independent program in the NCAA.

“I think BYU facilities and the way everything has been presented thus far justifies the decision to go independent,” Wrubell said. “It is hard not to be encouraged about the future just based on how things have come together thus far.”

BYU football media day will begin at 9:00 am MT with the BYU Football 2011 Live Show featuring head coach Bronco Mendenhall and athletic director Tom Holmoe, among others. Stay tuned to BYUtv and for complete coverage of BYU football throughout the day.