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Bronco Mendenhall talks contract extension

Jun 26, 2013 - Posted by rwaite on June 26, 2013 at 12:23 pm
After it was announced by athletic director Tom Holmoe that head coach Bronco Mendenhall’s contract had been extended through the 2016 season, Mendenhall sat down with the media and discussed some of the details of his contract and his reasons for extending.
Mendenhall said the details in his contract are different than any other coach in college football.
“Normally contracts are tied to revenue, meaning how much money you make is comparable to how many wins, it’s compared against the national average, it’s compared against a top-25 ranking; but none of those things are relevant to BYU,” he said. “BYU has its own existing structure that’s different in every way when you’re negotiating contracts. Ultimately you have to have a really strong core value that BYU is different and you want to be here.”
After becoming an independent two seasons ago, the Cougars have headed what Mendenhall calls, “uncharted waters.” This season, BYU faces new challenges of a complete revamping of an offensive coaching staff and one of the most difficult schedules in the country. Mendenhall feels as he faces these challenges, he is the one to lead the team.
“I have not chosen to stay here for a conference or for money. If that would have been the case I would have left two contracts ago,” he said. “I am here because I think I am supposed to be here, and I want to be here. This decision (to extend) was just based on that. I think I’m supposed to be the one to lead the program into those uncharted waters.”