BYU Quarterback Factory quotes

Jun 26, 2013 - Posted by on June 26, 2013 at 4:41 pm | Updated: June 26, 2013 4:50 pm

Ty Detmer

On why he picked BYU: "The stability of the program. I knew I could go there and Coach would be there the whole time. He's just a great man. He made the football office feel like home. We could go in and hang out and sit around and wait for class or wait for meetings, and we were always welcome in there." 

Robbie Bosco

"I wasn't sure how good we were going to be, because we had a lot of young players. We played University of Baylor at home... from that play on, I thought we were going to be pretty good. It was something that just looked really good, and people were doing everything we were supposed to do, and that's what our offense was supposed to look like. And from that time on, we just took off and played pretty good the rest of the way."

Gary Sheide

“When Coach Edwards and Robbie (Bosco) won the national championship, they had a little get together celebration down in southern California. I remember the old, old quarterbacks were back there and some of the players, and each one of them got up and talked about coach and said ‘You know, coach Edwards was like a father figure to us.’ Each one would get up and talk about something coach did and he said, ‘He was like a father figure to us.’ Then when coach Edwards got up he said, ‘I hope you treated your real fathers better than you treated us.’”

On greatest memory as BYU quarterback: “The memory that steps out in my mind was (when) we were getting ready to play Arizona State. Arizona and Arizona State pretty much dominated the conference back then, and we needed to win to win the Fiesta Bowl. We had a little rally at the school in the evening, and coach Edwards got up and he introduced every player, and he introduced every player’s mom and dad by name and where they were from. He knew everything about that. It was so impressive, and we loved to play for coach Edwards. When we won that first conference championship there was only about eight bowl games and to play in the Fiesta Bowl was a great honor.”

Gifford Nielsen

"Coach Edwards asked me if I wanted to change the course of college football. Everybody at that time was running the veer or running the wishbone, and he wanted to throw. I listened to him, he talked me into it and it just turned out beautiful."
"The philosophy on offense was that no matter what they did on defense, they were wrong. We got that confidence to have the ability to throw the ball, handle things properly, make good reads and do so quickly. Then we got to the point where we started to blossom. We got to the point where we had so much confidence we just didn't think we could lose."

Steve Sarikisian

"I'll never forget my home visit when coach Edwards was sitting in front of me and my parents. He said 'I'm not going to guarantee you anything, but the one thing I will guarantee is an opportunity to compete for the starting job.' I use that same line in every home I go into for recruiting."

LaVell Edwards

On Jim McMahon: “One of the great stories about Jim was in the Holiday Bowl. Somewhere in the fourth quarter with about seven minutes left, it’s fourth down and we’re behind 20 points and had no chance to win it, so I sent the punting team in. Jim was in the huddle and he looked up and saw the punting team coming in.  He stopped, stepped out of the huddle and motioned for them to get back. The team stopped, turned around and looked at us.  We were saying, 'Get in there. Get in.'  He didn’t want to, so finally we called a time out.  Jim came over to the sideline and in his own [special] way he said something like, ‘Golly gee guys’ or something like that. He made the point, ‘You coaches have quit.’  He really got into our faces, and we said relax, go back in.  We let him call the play on that fourth down. We went on down the field and scored.”

Marc Wilson

"On one moment of his career that stands out: "If I had to pick one play, it would be my senior year, when we played Utah… They radioed down to me and said I was six yards away from the NCAA single game passing record. They actually sent me back in the game to get six yards to get this record. We weren't trying to run up the score… It was third down. We called the play, and it turned out to be a touchdown. We broke the record and for 40 years Utah has been mad about it."

Steve Young

On coach Edwards' impact: “Without coach (Edwards) there is no way I would ever play quarterback. There is no way I would have ever played football. His vision for me gave me a chance, and I’ve said this to anyone whether it was Bill Walsh, Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren or Sid Gillman, ‘coach Edwards knew me better than I knew myself.’ That’s one of the best compliments I can ever give him.”

On having fun as a team: “One of my favorite memories is playing Wyoming, San Diego State or even Utah, and they couldn’t fathom that they were getting beat by this group of guys. They were like, ‘Who are these guys?’ We were just so cohesive and such good friends, and we played so well together that we couldn’t get beat. We made people really frustrated. ‘How can these guys be beating us and beating us pretty good too?’”
On Robbie Bosco: “My senior year I got knocked out of a game against Utah State, and Robbie Bosco went in there and I realized very quickly that I needed to get back in the game or I’d never get back in the game. I ran back on the field and Robbie was like, ‘Go rest, we’re fine.’ I was like, ‘No way buddy, I’m not giving you any luck. I love you, but you got to take your turn here.’”