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Media Day 2011: Catching up with Jake Heaps

Jul 11, 2011 - Posted by Whitney Weekes on July 11, 2011 at 7:41 pm | Updated: July 12, 2011 8:02 am

While sophomore quarterback Jake Heaps was getting ready for media day, he took some time to share how his summer has been going and some things he's most excited for this football season.


"I just got back a couple weeks ago from getting married. We just got married June 25 and it's been great. It's awesome to have the opportunity to just have someone that you can rely on and you can lean your shoulder on and vice-versa. So far it's been great and it's awesome to be able to grow and evolve with each other over time and as different situations go on. We just got back to our house and trying to get settled in so that'll be crazy and stressful but it'll be fun to get settled in."

"Her dad played strong safety here and went on to the NFL. He played with Coach Reynolds back in the 70's with the team that went to the Fiesta Bowl. It's fun to be able to talk to him and see what it was like back in the day and see what Coach Reynolds was like. They are huge BYU fans. She's one of those people that loves sports and cares about it and stays in touch with it but at the end of the day it's not her focus. As far as our relationship goes, she checks in and will see how practice is going and see what's going on and is always very supportive in whatever I need to do. After the conversation is done with how that's going though, we don't really talk about it much more. I'm pretty lucky. I've been blessed."


"I'm just working right now, trying to earn some money. I'm in marketing for a mortgage company and having a good time with that. I'm more of a laid back guy and like to hang out with friends and enjoy people's company. I'd rather hang out at home then go out and do something. It's been a great summer so far."


"Besides work, just going out playing basketball, softball, just trying to find things to do to have fun this summer. I like to think that I'm pretty good at basketball. I'm not as good as I use to be. It's always frustrating going back and not being able to do what you use to be able to do. It's always fun to be able to go up and down the court and just play with friends. I always have a good time."


"There isn't one game that I could pick out that I'm most excited for. Ole Miss is going to be a good game. But then you have Texas. And then there is Utah at home for the opener. Central Florida is a great team. You just go on and on down the list. Every game is exciting and fun. Not only being Independent, but now we have these fun schedules for fans and for ourselves. It's a great opportunity for us to have this fun vibe and buzz around campus. Before, you would have a big game and then some weeks you wouldn't really feel it. Being able to be partnered with ESPN is an exciting opportunity for our fans to be really involved and have an opportunity to see us week in and week out and watch really entertaining games. We're going to have a fun, successful year on top of that which will make it great. Each game has it's own story line. It's a great opportunity to prove to the country that we're as big of a program as anybody in the country." 

"During the offseason here it's fun because you get a chance to relax and recover but you're working out and trying to get stuff done. You're trying to throw and get 7-on-7 going. Everyone is really itching to get back and get this thing going. We all want to get to fall camp. It's been fun to watch how hard these guys have been working in the off-season. I just want to skip forward to fall camp. We're excited for our development and to get the ball rolling. After fall camp, everything is a blur and next thing you know it's Sept. 3 at Ole Miss."

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