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Media Day 2011: Corby Eason

Jul 12, 2011 - Posted by Taylor Wilson on July 12, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Defensive back Corby Eason is looking forward to BYU's first season as an independent. The stronger schedule, with games throughout the country, features teams from several BCS conferences. Eason believes the team is ready to embark on independence and perform on the national stage. 

"Our mindset as a team is a little bit different without a conference championship to play for," Eason said. "We have to focus on this season on a game-to-game basis. We have a chance to play some great teams from the SEC and the Big 12 and it will give us a chance to prove ourselves against some of the top teams in the nation."

After going 0-2 against Utah and Utah State in 2010, Eason is eager to take on the in-state rivals to prove that BYU is the best team in the state. He is also hoping to perform well in front of some friends and family in Mississippi. 

"I am looking forward to every game but Utah and Utah State are very important to me," Eason said. "Those two games we lost last season really hurt me more than any other game. We want to be the best team in the state every year. I'm also looking forward to the game at Ole Miss because I have a lot of family in Georgia, which is about six hours from the Ole Miss campus. It will be nice to play in front of some friends and family."

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall will resume the post of defensive coordinator in 2011. Eason enjoys the different attitude Mendenhall gives to the defensive side of the ball. 

"We know that Coach (Mendenhall) will get the most out of us in every practice," Eason says. "He makes us give every ounce of energy we have and I love the effort he makes us give everyday. We have a lot of fun with him as the defensive coach and every practice we work hard but still have a good time." 

Eason will play in the defensive backfield and on special teams for the Cougars this fall.