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Media Day 2011: Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer

Jul 12, 2011 - Posted by Whitney Weekes on July 12, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Updated: July 12, 2011 4:32 pm

Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer took a minute to talk with Athletic Communications between Football Media Day sessions.

Detmer, who played for the Cougars from 1987-1991, said he enjoys coming back to BYU.

“I always enjoy coming back and getting to see old friends and friendly faces,” Detmer said. “The facilities just keep getting better and better. The broadcast building is great. It’s really impressive what’s going on here. I think everyone is real excited about the future.”

Detmer shared his thoughts on what independence will bring for BYU.

“For exposure, you can’t beat it,” Detmer said. “You have the contract with ESPN. You have national media coming in for this event. You’re going to play a lot of high profile games that people are going to tune in to. Hopefully we’re putting on a good show and people are getting excited about. “

Personally, Detmer is most excited for the Cougars to come to Texas.

“BYU plays UT and I’m living in Austin and so I’ll be able to be at that game,” Detmer said. “Everyone, including myself, is just excited about the future and upcoming teams. There is the possibility of playing anybody. We’re free to schedule any team any time anywhere and that’s exciting for all of us.”

As an independent team, BYU will gain national exposure, which Detmer believes will ignite an excitement among Cougar Nation.

“Most of the games BYU has played on ESPN have been pretty exciting games,” Detmer said. “People have always enjoyed watching BYU and the style of play they have. Even when I was playing here we had fans at every location. No matter where we played, there's always a fan base. That’s going to create more excited in the fan base. People in Mississippi are going to get the Cougars right there in their backyard. People in Texas, we have them coming in twice. All across the country, BYU fans will get the chance to see BYU play in person. “

Detmer said BYU, who no longer is affiliated with a football conference, will miss some of the old rivalries and being able to win a conference title. However, he said players have a big reason to be excited.

“As a player you’re excited because you’re going to get more exposure,” Detmer said. “If you do well, everyone in the country will get to see it. As a player today, those guys have to be excited to jump out there and show people what they can do.”

To sum it up, Detmer said being independent allows BYU an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have.

“We want to be respected and show we have a top program here in Provo and we’re getting the opportunity to do that,” Detmer said.