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Media Day 2011: Justin Sorensen

Jul 12, 2011 - Posted by Taylor Wilson on July 12, 2011 at 4:24 pm | Updated: October 10, 2011 3:05 pm

BYU kicker Justin Sorensen returned from his mission early in 2011 and is ready to compete for the Cougars during the upcoming season. The 2011 season will be his first competition in over two years and the added excitement of football independence has Sorensen anxiously awaiting early September. 

“I’m really excited for this season," Sorensen said.  "I don’t even think I have my head wrapped around the independence thing yet.  But the places we’re going have everyone so excited.  We’re working harder and I know I’m working harder as I work to get back in shape after my mission. Independence is great because it means publicity for our team and for the church. It will be great  to get our name out there and to get more fans involved with our program. It’s going to make our team a lot better.”


Aside from kicking, Sorensen also many talents, including the ability to skillfully ride a unicycle. 


“It started the summer between fourth and fifth grade.  I was at my cousins house and I was all by myself. They had an old unicycle with a flat tire and I rode it for something like twelve hours.  In fifth grade I rode it to school everyday, rain or shine. From there it just escalated and at age twelve I competed in the national championship in Washington. It’s just been a big part of my life ever since." 


He says the student body will be seeing him riding his unicycle around campus. But don’t worry, he’s never gotten hurt riding it. He also rode a unicycle around on his mission and said it was a great conversation starter.