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Media Day 2011: Tom Holmoe on Media Day

Jul 12, 2011 - Posted by Whitney Weekes on July 12, 2011 at 1:34 pm


In between sessions, BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe gave Athletic Communications an inside view of his thoughts on media day.

“Media day is going great,” Holmoe said. “This is something we’ve never done before so it’s uncharted waters. For a guy like me, I just got to show up and talk. But for BYUtv and Athletic Communications this has been a lot of work and so far things are going really well.”

The 2011 Football Media Day has been in the works since independence was announced last September and Holmoe is happy to see how it has all come together.

“To see the activity with our players, coaches and the media is just like we planned,” Holmoe said. “The show [State of the Program] was great. We’ve never had a live media day where it’s broadcast live. They started doing that on the Mountain a couple years ago but this was one team, all the attention, fantastic.”

Being an independent team has opened up BYU’s football schedule. This season already boosts an impressive schedule with the first four games against Ole Miss, Texas, Utah and Central Florida. Holmoe said future contracts are also in the works.

“We have a great schedule with Notre Dame where we’re going to play them six times over the next ten years,” Holmoe said. “Our fans will love that. We’ll play anybody in the country that’s really good. We’re in the discussions with a couple teams putting together some contracts that we’ll be announcing in the not-so-distant future.”

Holmoe shared what he hopes fans and the country will take away from the 2011 BYU Football Media Day.

“We want to explain what we’re doing,” Holmoe said. “We’re on ESPN, a lot. When we’re not on ESPN, we’re on BYUtv. There will be rebroadcasts of games on BYUtv if you missed it. In addition to football, there will be a lot of other sports that will be broadcast. Basketball will be on, with our West Coast Conference contract, more than we’ve been on national TV in the past. If it’s a home game, and it’s not on ESPN, it’ll be live on BYUtv. We want to say that we have BYU radio on Sirius XM 143 now. All of our sporting events that we do on the radio will be on Sirius XM BYU radio.”

In the end, media day comes down to football, according to Holmoe.

“It is football season and media day is to show off our players and coaches, who we think will be our playmakers this year and give the media the opportunity to interview them and see what they’ve been up to,” Holmoe said.