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Media Day -- Q&A with Preston Hadley

Jun 27, 2012 - Posted by Mason Porter on June 27, 2012 at 12:31 pm | Updated: June 27, 2012 12:41 pm

Q: What has your summer been like?

A: It's been good. I've just been trying to get healthy. I tore my labrum in both shoulders last year, so I've just been rehabing a lot this summer trying to get back in shape. Trying to get my legs back and get my strength up. I'll be ready to go for the first game of the season though.

Q: Doing anything fun?

A: Football (laughs). I go boating a lot. I like to go to 7 Peaks, too. I just like being outside and relaxing for the most part. Football takes up the majority of the day though, between the workouts and watching film and getting all of that into my schedule, but it's good. I'm working the basketball camps right now, too. Teaching my guys how to win.

Q: Shooting a lot of threes?

A: Oh yeah, we live and die by the three (laughs).

Q: What games are you looking forward to this season?

A: I'm looking forward to the Utah game. I think a lot of us are. Obviously they won the game last year, but I don't feel like they were the better team, based off how both our seasons ended. I think they're a good team and I've got respect for them, but that's one game this year that we shouldn't let get away from us. I'm looking forward to going to Notre Dame and playing Washington State, too. They're going to be quite a test. They throw the ball a lot, so it's going to be good for us DB's. I've been watching a lot of film on Washington State and Utah. Those are the first two big games of the season so I've been trying to focus on them and knowing their personnel.