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From the Pressbox: August 13

Aug 13, 2008 - Posted by Jeff Reynolds on August 13, 2008 at 12:27 am | Updated: May 2, 2011 3:35 pm

Countdown to Kickoff

Seventeen Days until the Cougars' season-opener against Northern Iowa at Edwards Stadium.

Do you have your blue?

Upcoming Schedules

It was announced earlier today that BYU will play host to Nevada during the 2010 season, completing a three-year contract with the Wolfpack. While all focus is on the 2008 season, the 2010 season doesn't appear to be an easy walk in the park. In addition to conference games on the road at TCU, Air Force, Colorado State and Utah, the Cougars will travel to Florida State and Utah State. BYU will host Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, UNLV, San Diego State and New Mexico.

The 2009 schedule is taking shape with a non-conference game at Arizona State and home games against Florida State and Utah State. BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe is working to fill the other non-conference game. An arrangement is close, but unfortunately we can't release any details at this time due to on-going negotiations. We'll release that information as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

Oh, My Nose!

Unlike Marsha Brady, our own Carey Hoki stood in there and took the pain like a gritty linebacker. During this morning's practice, Hoki took a pass in the face that resulted in a broken nose.

Quarterback Brenden Gaskins was scrambling out of the pocket and threw the ball out of bounds. Standing behind a few spectators, keeping stats, Hoki did not see the ball coming and looked up just as someone yelled, "Heads up!"

Gaskins and several other members or the team were unaware what had happened until they were watching film after this morning's practice.

Hoki was taken to the Urgent Care facility at the Student Health center where an x-ray revealed a slight fracture. Besides a lot of bleeding and a little soreness, Hoki says she is fine and reports that it doesn't even hurt. I say she's tougher than anyone I know.

Without any protective gear, even though several well-meaning individuals offered her helmets, hockey masks, nose guards, etc., she returned to practice this evening and delivered another full report of the day's action. It's got to be the gutsiest performance I have seen since a certain fourth-and-eighteen situation that played out at Edwards Stadium a few months ago.

After practice, Gaskins came over to Hoki and apologized. He said he saw what happened while watching game film and had no idea she had been hurt at the time. He said he felt bad when he found out what happened, but ... well, we'll take his word for it.

Practice Photos

Gearing up for his junior season, linebacker Matt Ah You has had a solid fall camp. Ah You has filled in with the first team while Matt Bauman has been out with an injured foot. With Bauman returning to full action today, both will help anchor the middle backer position.

Sophomore Luke Ashworth came up with the play of the day (during the morning practice at least) by hauling in a 20-yard pass from Max Hall and working the sidelines to get the touchdown. The defense argued that it was not a catch, but the proof is in the picture. After further review ... sorry fellas. Touchdown!!!

Coach talked to the team about clock management following this morning's practice.

The defensive coaches keep a watchful eye during the two-minute drill this evening. Barry Lamb (left), Paul Tidwell (middle) and Steve Kaufusi (right) have a combined 30 years of coaching experience at BYU, including Lamb who is entering his 15th season with the Cougars.

If Ashworth had the best play of the morning, Spencer Hafoka has to be credited with the best play of the evening. Hafoka climbed the ladder to pull down this pass for a first down during the two-minute drill. Unfortunately, Hafoka suffered a slight concussion after coming down hard. Team trainer Kevin Morris said Hafoka will be day-to-day and doesn't expect the gutsy, sure-handed receiver to miss much action at all.

During the morning practice, freshman Steven Thomas was credited with an interception and a nice return. The ball bounced off the receiver, was tipped by a defender and Thomas came up with it -- just like it was planned.

Michael Reed is another one of those offensive threats who doesn't get a lot of attention. He had an outstanding fall camp and will be a key target for Max Hall this season.

Meet the Offensive Line

Starting center, Dallas Reynolds (6-5, 320). By the way, Dallas has started 38 straight games throughout his career. Only four other players in the entire country have started more consecutive games. Cody Lubojasky, a linebacker from Houston; Kraig Urbik, and offensive lineman from Purdue; Andrew Harline, an offensive lineman from Central Michigan; and Andrew Gardner, and offensive lineman from Georgia Tech have each started 39 straight games. Do you find it interesting how many offensive linemen are listed?

Starting left guard, Ray Feinga (6-5, 348).

Starting left tackle, Matt Reynolds (6-6, 321).

Starting right guard, Travis Bright (6-5, 313).

Starting right tackle, David Oswald (6-8, 330).

Coleby Clawson

Linebacker Coleby Clawson is a pretty amazing guy. He's one of the married guys on the team, he has a daughter (Chesni), he's been on a mission, he's an NJCAA Academic All-American from Snow College, he was the WSFL Defensive Player of the Year last season at Snow, he helped lead the Badgers to the NJCAA National Championship game last season, and he is a Type 1 Diabetic.

Clawson monitors his blood sugar (glucose) levels throughout practice and when his glucose levels get too high, he gives himself an injection of insulin. If he gets "low", he has a bottle of orange juice he keeps close by.

We'll have more on Clawson later.