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From the Pressbox: August 15

Aug 15, 2008 - Posted by Jeff Reynolds on August 15, 2008 at 12:49 am | Updated: May 2, 2011 3:35 pm

Countdown to Kickoff

Just 15 days until the Cougars' season-opener against Northern Iowa.

Pronunciation Guide

For the past couple years, media, coaches, players, announcers and everyone in between have been mispronouncing Harvey Unga's last name. So, for the record, let's try to get this right. (We're working on a video for the website that will also help with your ability to correctly pronounce his name.)

I promised Harvey's dad, Jackson, we would do everything in our power to make sure everyone gets his son's name right. Harvey's mom, Theresa, told me she's glad they gave Harvey an easy first name.

"At least people get his first name right," she said.

So, here we go ... ready? It's OOng-UH. No. No. Try again.

Start with the double-o sound "ew" then add a little bit of an "n" sound and then make the "g" sound very silent, but coming from the back of your tongue. Then emphasize the "uh" sound at the end.

OOng-UH. Close. Try it one more time. OOng-UH.

Keep practicing, please. I promised Harvey's dad you would.

Future Schedule

It has been reported by a number of sources that BYU has agreed to play Tulane next year in New Orleans. Officially, Tom Holmoe has been in communication with a few different teams regarding our final non-conference game for next season, including Tulane. It is our hope to have our 2009 non-conference schedule finalized within the next week or so. The Cougars are looking to fill their season-opener (September 5) next season.

BYU is scheduled to play at Arizona State and at home against Florida State and Utah State.

Mendenhall Movie Critique

Rather than practicing Thursday morning, Coach Mendenhall took the team to see the summer blockbuster, "Dark Knight." So, what did coach think about the movie?

"It had way too much violence for me, and it was about an hour too long," he said. "I would give it maybe two-and-a-half stars."

Just Kickin' It

Following this morning's practice, Coach Mendenhall outlined his plans for the kicking game. Mendenhall said Mitch Payne has shown more consistency and accuracy, especially under pressure, throughout fall camp. However, he added he will not make any final decision on the kicking game until the week of the Northern Iowa game.

“We’re trying to create as many pressure situations as possible,” Mendenhall said. “Mitch is more confident and more consistent day-in and day-out. I think the competition has helped that. It may very well be Mitch from short to mid field goal range, and Justin as a kickoff and long field goal guy, based on how the numbers play out. We have options within there.”

Scrimmage Plans

Coach Mendenhall said this morning that there will be a heavy emphasis made during Saturday's scrimmage to sort out the depth chart, especially at the back-up quarterback position and some of the starting positions on defense.

He said Max Hall's reps will be limited to the number of plays Coach Doman and Coach Anae believe he needs. After that, Brenden Gaskins and Kurt McEuen will share equal reps to help sort out the back-up role.

As the competition between G Pittman and Brandon Howard gets tighter, Mendenhall said field corner will be another position they take a closer look at.

“Saturday will be a great chance to break some of the ties among the players,” said Mendenhall. “It’s not just about the quarterbacks, but several of the other positions. Any of the positions that are relatively close right now, the scrimmage will hopefully make that lean one way or another.”

Morning Practice Photos

Jameson Frazier

O'Neill Chambers

J. J. DiLuigi

Ray Feinga

Dallas Reynolds blocking for Fui Vakapuna

Max Hall

Wayne Latu

Mitch Payne