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From the Pressbox: Friday

Aug 08, 2008 - Posted by Jeff Reynolds on August 8, 2008 at 2:44 pm | Updated: May 2, 2011 3:35 pm

Coach Mendenhall on ESPN Radio (National)

Coach Mendenhall taped an interview with ESPN Radio yesterday afternoon. The interview will be broadcast at 5:25 p.m. (MT) today on the ESPN Radio Network. ESPN Radio will also re-play the interview again this evening at 9:25 p.m. (MT).

Countdown to Kickoff

Team Meeting

The specialists conducted this morning's team meeting. Freshman Michael Alisa was invited to come up and talk about his shield. (Each year players design a shield that has certain things drawn on his shield that represent various aspects of his life, his goals, etc. Alisa told this team his shield has a picture of his mom and dad on it because they are his heroes.

"They have always put the Gospel first in their life," he said. "It has been a way for them to find true joy and happiness."

He also talked about the stars on his shield and how those stars represented his dreams for the future. He said his dream is to "shoot for the stars."

Alisa also talked about the drawing of a candle on his shield. He said it represents a little light in what could be a very dark world. He talked about the importance of keeping that candle lit and to find others and help them light their candles.

Finally, he talked about wanting to be known throughout his life as a true man.

Michael is working on a player journal for and will be posting within the next day or two his thoughts of the first week of practice.

Following Alisa's comments, Brandon and Austin Cummings performed, "I Need Thee Every Hour." Brandon played the guitar while Austin, a sophomore at American Fork High School, sang.

John Pace then had the opportunity to talk to the team about the principles of faith and trust. He said, "Faith has a direct relationship to success in life. If we have faith, and apply that faith, we can perform miracles in all aspects of our lives."

Punter C.J. Santiago showed a video clip to the team and talked about trust.

Morning Practice Photos

Evening Practice

Mother Nature looked like she was going to kick up a little storm for our evening practice on Friday. As practice started, there was a thunderstorm located just south of Provo and appeared to be moving north. However, she was kind and moved on after cooling things off with a little sprinkle.

Whenever there is a threat of a lightening storm, our trainers get out their handy-dandy Thorguard Lightening Detection device and keep a close watch.

Once lightening is detected within 8-10 miles, head trainer Kevin Morris immediately consults with Coach Mendenhall. Protocol dictates the team is cleared from the field and practice is resumed in the Indoor Practice Facility.

Today was a different story. The storm blew over without incident.

Evening Practice Photos

Saturday Scrimmage

On Saturday, the team will conduct its first scrimmage of the season. At the end of Friday's practice, senior linebacker David Nixon took over in the team huddle and gave his teammates a simple message.

"Get your minds right for the scrimmage tomorrow. We'll be at the stadium, and remember, it's a special place."

Anytime the Cougars step foot in Edwards Stadium, there is an increase of focus on the tradition of BYU Football. For this team, it is an honor to play at Edwards Stadium -- even if it is just for a scrimmage.