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From the Pressbox: Wednesday

Aug 06, 2008 - Posted by Jeff Reynolds on August 6, 2008 at 1:21 pm | Updated: May 2, 2011 3:35 pm

This morning it was the receivers' turn to conduct the team meeting. As previously mentioned, each unit is responsible for preparing an inspirational message that should include a spiritual component. This morning, the receivers invited Heather Goedel to sing for the team. Heather, originally from Provo, has performed with Gladys Knight on several albums, including the popular "One Voice."

This morning Heather performed, "Oh Lord, My Redeemer." She is an extremely talented performer, and we are grateful for her willingness to share her talents.

Click to watch the video.

To learn more about Heather, click here.

Bryce Mahuika spoke to the team about the importance of practicing well. He quoted Walter Payton, "It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts, it's what you put in to it."

Austin Collie also spoke to the team about how important it is to practice well. He told the team that the next three weeks are the most important weeks that they will have as a team. He said it would determine what kind of team they would become.

To illustrate his point about how important practice is, Collie showed the famous video of former 76'ers star Allen Iverson talking about practice.

To watch the hilarious video, click here.

Allen Iverson has a different opinion of the importance of practice it would appear.

Just finished our first live chat. Today's chat was with Dennis Pitta. Dallas Reynolds will join us tomorrow at 12:45 p.m. (MT). Get your question in.

Dennis Pitta participates in's first-ever live chat.

Tons of Practice Photos

Nate "Big Rig" Hartung -- one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Coach Mendenhall keeps an eye on special teams.

All-America candidate Austin Collie keeping sharp while nursing a leg injury.

Tight end Andrew George -- Yes, he caught it.

Receiver Matt Marshall

Linebackers David Nixon and Vic So'oto running on to the practice field.

All-America candidate Dallas Reynolds working out at center.

Jameson Frazier gets his fingers taped by a team trainer.

Justin Blackmore

Matt Bauman

Justin Blackmore gives Terence Brown a face lift.

Coach Mendenhall

Ray Feinga

Fui Vakapuna

Fui Vakapuna during team drills

Andrew George

#97 Tevita Hola

All-America candidate Jan Jorgensen

Wayne Latu

Matt Reynolds and Ray Feinga

Matt Reynolds

B.J. Peterson

Iona Pritchard

Matt Putnam

Garrett Reden

Brock Richardson

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