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Q&A with coach Nick Howell

Jun 26, 2013 - Posted by Spencer Shamo on June 26, 2013 at 1:42 pm
Where have you been this summer?
“I’ve been a lot of places. All over the West, back East a couple of times and Texas. We’ve done a lot of travelling this year.”
Anything you’ve done with the family this year?
“I was able to coach my kid's baseball team, that was fun. Hope I can keep on doing that. They did well. The kids did well and won a few games.”
What do you watn the attitude of the secondary to be?
“I think we want to continue what we’ve been doing. They’re going to be really sound and play really hard. It’s going to be hard to pick us apart. I would like to increase the emphasis on turnovers. We've got to get more turnovers this year. We've got a lot of guys who like to get physical. We’ve proven over the past couple years that you’re going to get hit back there, but we’d like to turn a bunch of those into turnovers. That will be more of our mindset this year.”
Who’s the toughest coach on the defensive staff?
“Coach Tidwell, hands down, is the toughest guy.”
What is the food that you eat in those defensive staff meetings?
“Pickled and peppered spits, sunflower seeds, we’re huge on those. Coach (Tidwell) and coach Poppinga like the Coke Zeros. Coach (Kaufusi) and I are water guys. You know the traditional foods, we sit around chewing seeds and eating jerky talking about defense.”