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Spencer Hadley expects better things

Jun 26, 2013 - Posted by Sugene Lee on June 26, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Senior linebacker Spencer Hadley is coming back from surgery on his left shoulder and said he has no limitations and is at 100 percent. When asked whether he was going to keep his mustache, he replied, “We’re a package deal, the mustache and I.”

BYU’s defense was ranked one of the highest in all categories, and Hadley doesn’t expect anything less this season.

“First thing is to find a nose guard that can play,” Hadley said. “The next thing, honestly, is going to sound like a lame answer, but to do what we do.”

When asked how the defense would do after losing the No. 5 pick in the NFL draft, Ziggy Ansah, Hadley gave praise to fellow teammate, Bronson Kaufusi.

“Have you guys seen Bronson Kaufusi?” Hadley said. “The kid has a motor that doesn’t stop and I think he could be, in the future, every bit as good as Ziggy was. I think he’s going to answer a lot of questions this year.” 

Having a clear agenda and goal, Hadley believes the offensive and defensive teams will be more unified this coming season.