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Wide receivers quotes from Media Day

Jun 23, 2014 - Posted by Kimberlie Haner on June 23, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Mitch Mathews

Competition with other receivers:

“I love it. As long as we’re the best group on the team, the group that everyone looks up to, I’m happy no matter what. It’s just going to be our four best players. It’s exciting to know more guys are coming in because the more guys you beat out, the better you are. I’m ready.”

On Jordan Leslie:

“He’s really good. What I like about him is he’s so mature. The only thing is learning the plays. He has a learning curve right now. Once he really gets in the offense and understands it, he will be great.”

On Taysom Hill:

“He’s the best golfer on the team. You tell him to play tennis, he’ll play tennis. You tell him to play badminton, he’ll play badminton. You tell him to throw the ball anywhere, he’ll throw the ball. As receivers, we never worry. If me and him have a miscommunication on the field, it’s fixed in five minutes.”

Height advantage of wide receivers:

“I would love for someone to look up who the tallest receiving core is in the country is. It would have to be us. A couple of six foot guys, 6-4, 6-3. I think that’s what separates us."

Recruiting tall receivers:

“We put a big emphasis on the blue zone, which I guess is our red zone. You can be the fastest person in the planet, but it’s hard to get up in the red zone unless you’re big. We have a big emphasis on man-handling. Having big receivers is impossible for people to defend.”

Importance of having good hands:

“You can work on your reach, you can work on your hops, but even after you catch it, it’s not a catch until you can actually turn and tuck it away. It’s a talent you can’t really work on until you’re in practice working one-on-one.”

Replacing Cody Hoffman:

“Cody is irreplaceable. A great guy, good friend. It’s hard to replace individuals, but I think the receiving core we have right now is so deep. That’s going to be a prized possession for us. Being able to have four starters in and four subs come in that are just as good as each other, that’s probably a bigger worry for the defense than having one player who can play.”

Competition at practice:

“Every single practice feels like a game. There’s chatter back and forth, people talking smack. It’s good though.”

What wide receivers are working on in the off season:

“Something (head coach Bronco Mendenhall) made clear to us is the most conditioned guys on the team are the guys that can go full speed the longest. The more that we can stay fresh and the better shape we’re in, the longer we can go full speed. Being in the best shape possible while remaining the weight that we do is probably the biggest key that we focus on.”

Depth of receivers:

“We have too many players. Is there a way we can utilize all of us? If there is, we are pretty unstoppable. Even our backups are darn good. This year we’ve gotten together as leaders to discuss the potential we have. You can’t perfect the team unless your own position group is perfected. I think we’re ready.”

Taysom Hill


“I think Mitch (Mathews) will remerge as a go-to guy as we go through this season. I’m looking forward to watching him. Ross is another guy. Ross’ injury was a little more extensive. But Ross is another guy that’s been working extremely hard. Nick Kurtz is a guy who works extremely hard. He is big and he is going to be a guy that helps out jump people. Naturally because of his size, much like Mitch, will create a mismatch there. Then Jordan Leslie is a really physical guy. I think he will be a guy DBs will have a hard time pressing.”

Breakout player:

“I think Mitch (Mathews) is one of the best receivers we’ve had come through the program. I know he’s had issues staying healthy, but if he can he’ll have a special year.”

Transfer receivers:

“I haven’t had an opportunity to work with all of them. Jordan Leslie just got here and I’ve worked with him a couple of times. Leslie is a big, physical guy. My expectation for him will be I think he will be a guy in the red zone that when guys come to press him, he will be able to get off the press and win in a one-on-one coverage and help us in that avenue. I think he will help us in the slot when he is matched up with linebackers. I think he’ll be a great addition to what we have. Nick Kurtz is a guy who works extremely hard. He came in and has worked really hard, jumped right into spring ball. He had the deer in headlights look at times with the signs and going as fast as we do, but he's a guy who came in and adapted really well. He’s a big, tall target and can jump. I think he will also be one who will help us in the red zone.”