Williams talks about offensive improvements

Jun 23, 2014 - Posted by Sugene Lee on June 23, 2014 at 11:29 am | Updated: June 25, 2014 3:18 pm

Jamaal Williams 

On what the team is doing right now and the tone of the team:

“We’re weight lifting and looking to get into shape and getting into the mindset that this could be a great year to start off in Connecticut and go to Texas. We’re furious and ready to play. I feel like this is the year we should show people we can beat big teams and stay consistent every year."

This summer on familiarity of the offense:

"Last year felt like it was too new and people were nervous in the first game and didn’t know what to do. This year is different. We all know what’s at stake and we’re going to go in there and do our offense that we know now that we learned last year. It’s nothing new for us and it’s just the flow of the offense."

On offensive line improvements:

"I feel like they have. Their motivation and the way they get at it is getting good. They’re getting dirty now and they’re getting mean. De'Ondre Wesley, Edward Fusi, Ryker Mathews and Brayden Kearsley are getting everyone pumped up and is getting everybody ready for a special season."

How improvement in passing game helps the running game:

"I feel like having a great passing game is always great to have, especially if they’re on a roll and they expect a pass and you run the ball. It also just shows how big of an arm Taysom has and how much accuracy and precision he has as a quarterback. Everyone knows he can run, but he didn’t have that many opportunities to throw the ball as much, but since we have new wide receivers and deep threats, he can finally go out there and show what he can do."

On Virginia game last year:

"I was afraid of making mistakes, but now, we’re just angry for that game and we’re ready to go against Virginia again. We’re going to come back and this time we’re not going to be hesitant."

On rotations:

"We want everybody to be great. We don’t just want the starters to be great and we want the productivity to stay up, so if the backups can come in and provide the same type of game the starters do, that’ll be even more tremendous."

On incoming players:

"It’s great to have them here. It’s great to have them all hear so they can learn the offense as soon as possible."

On physical changes:

"I’ve grown and I’m around 208 pounds right now. I want to get to 215 to 220 pounds and I just feel older. I’m not as hyper as I used to be, but I’m just growing up and getting into my grown man body."

On breaking Harvey Unga's record:

"I’m happy Coach [Robert Anae] said it. He knows I’m up for it and I’m going to break it this year."

On pressure on bigger games and succeeding:

"I think it’s just about doing us. Of course we want to win, but I feel like if we just play our game like we have been, because we have a lot of weapons, so I’m glad this is the opportunity we get to do it with. Coming into the second year with last year’s offense is going to be great."