February Baseball Blog

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ATLANTA CHALLENGE LIVE LINKS: Georgia Tech will have  a one-camera setup for a broadcast on the ACC Network Extra (ESPN3).  Kennesaw State will have online streaming , but won't have a play-by-play announcer for the game due to a basketball doubleheader, but will have audio and a crowd mic. See our schedule page for those links: http://byucougars.com/schedule/m-baseball

January Baseball Blog

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BUSY JANUARY: Starting with school work, practice and the fourth annual First Pitch Dinner on Jan. 27 featuring Dale Murphy, the Cougars are readying for the 2017 season.

LITTLEWOOD INDUCTION: Congratulations are in order for Coach Mike Littlewood who is one of five persons to be inducted on Jan. 28 into the Dixie State Athletic Hall of Fame.

October baseball blog

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UPCOMING SCRIMMAGES:  On Saturday, Oct. 8, BYU has a 14-inning (yes, 14 innings) baseball exhibition at 10 a.m. ET at Michigan State’s at McLane Stadium, and the Cougar football team plays MSU at 3:30 p.m. ET. Fans can listen live to the play-by-play of the BYU-MSU baseball scrimmage through this link.

May Baseball Blog

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MORE MISSIONARY NEWS:  Easton Walker received his mission call to Cusco, Peru, joining Bryan Call who has his call to Taiwan and Jackson Cluff who has his call to Atlanta, Ga.

ANOTHER ENGAGED PLAYER:  Brock Hale is the latest Cougar engaged to be married this summer.

April Baseball Blog

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CONGRATULATIONS: Trent Pratt was named assistant coach of the year at the Y Awards last month.

MISSIONARY NEWS: Jackson Cluff received his mission call to Atlanta, Georgia, reporting to the MTC the day after the College World Series ; Bryan Call has his mission papers in process. Word is Danny Gelalich and Easton Walker may soon be processing missionary papers.

March Baseball Blog

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APRIL GRADUATION: Senior outfielder Eric Urry is graduating in psychology and team manager Brett Adams is graduating in with his master's in public administration this April season, 15-16.

February Baseball Blog

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FEBRUARY FIRESIDE: The entire BYU baseball team will participate in a Fireside on February 27 at 6 p.m., in Alabama at the Birmingham Stake Center at 2780 Altadena Road Birmingham, Alabama 35243

January Baseball Blog

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NEW COUGARS:  Left-handed pitchers Bo Burrup and Rhett Parkinson officially joined the team when classes began the first day of this month.  Both are recently returned from serving church missions to Baltimore, Maryland and Salem, Oregon, respectively.  Burrup signed with BYU before his mission and Parkinson signed with BYU several years ago before enrolling at Salt Lake Community College.

Samoa, fifth posting

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Fifth report from Brent Haring, head coach for the American Samoa National Team:

Samoa, fourth posting

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Fourth report from Brent Haring, head coach for the American Samoa National Team: