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Getting to Know Kimberli Boswell

Jan 04, 2012 - Posted by Rachel Hawks on January 4, 2012 at 10:20 am

Position: Middle blocker

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6-2

Academic major: Chemistry education

Favorite color: Bright pink 

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite place to eat: My own kitchen

Favorite musical: The Sound of Music

Someone you look up to: My mother

Athlete crush: Any tall, hot guy

Favorite actor: Tony Shaloub

Favorite place to travel: Disneyland

Something few people know about you: I love speaking in accents. :)

If you were queen for a day, you would: Establish world peace.

Favorite quote/motto: Always do your best and you’ll have no regrets.

Why did you decide to come to BYU? BYU is an outstanding school.