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Albert G. Smith Honored at March Luncheon

Al Smith

Albert G. Smith Cougar Club Honoree March 5, 2009

We are pleased to recognize Al Smith as our Cougar Club Honoree for the March Luncheon.

Al attended Brigham Young University from 1955-1959. At BYU he met and married his beautiful wife, Shawnee, and earned a degree in psychology.

While living in Sacramento, California, Al bought a 9-foot satellite dish that picked up the BYU game feeds off the Church Satellite. Word spread that Al was watching the games in his home and the group size grow every week until the Smiths were regularly hosting upwards of 30 people in their home for every BYU football & basketball game.

Among Al’s favorite games that he attended are the 1980 Holiday Bowl and the 1984 National Championship games. He was also impressed at the Cotton Bowl when the players went to celebrate with the missionaries after the game.

In 1991 Al and his wife moved to Utah and became season ticket holders

In addition to being a volunteer host in the information desk in the Student Athlete Building, Al has been a host for BYU volleyball and baseball games.

Since 2005 Al has been in charge of the volunteer group that provides security for football practice. Last year Al and his team provided hundreds of hours of service to the Football Team, saving thousands of dollars for the Athletic Department; Coach Mendenhall has annually invited this group to the team’s year-end banquet.

Al enjoys the relationships he has built with other volunteers and team members. He feels it a special privilege to know so many of BYU’s student athletes. Al said, “When you know the athletes personally and you see how they conduct themselves and all the good they do, it gives you a different perspective about the athletic program. It’s easy to want to help student athletes who are both good players and good people.”

Al, it is our privilege today to honor you for your dedication and example. We are grateful for all you do for the Athletic Department.