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Cable TV Distribution in Utah

Listed below are some of the cable television options available to BYU fans throughout the state of Utah. It is not meant to be a final list, rather it represents current information gathered by Athletic Communications. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

If your local cable carrier has not announced its broadcast plans for BYU sports, please call today and tell them you want the mtn, CSTV and Versus. Don't be deterred if the person you talk to may not know about these new cable offerings -- remember the mtn. does not launch until September 1.

In some areas of the country it takes as few as 500 people to call or email the cable provider to have a station added to the viewing lineup. If you have additional information to be added to this list, please send an email to


> The mtn. (Channel 37) Expanded Basic / Basic Digital

> OLN/Versus (Channel 34) Expanded Basic / Basic Digital

> CSTV (Channel 269) Basic Digital

> BYU-TV (Channel 21) Expanded Basic / Basic Digital

> On Demand (varies) Basic Digital



> CSTV (Sept. 1) Classic Package

> The mtn. (Sept. 1) Premium Package


> CSTV and the mtn. (Sept 1) Digital Select

Spanish Fork Community Network

> CSTV (current) Expanded Basic

> the mtn. (Sept. 1) Expanded Basic

Manti Telecommunications Company (central Utah)

> CSTV & OLN (current)

> the mtn. (conducting a feasibility study)

Charter (Southern Utah / St. George)

> CSTV (Channel 408) Digital Sports Tier

> OLN (Channel 55) Basic Cable

> Negotiating for the mtn.

Sky View Technologies (Southern Utah)

> Negotiating for CSTV and the mtn.