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Carolyn Bills Honored at Wyoming Pre-Game

Carolyn Bills

With pleasure we introduce Carolyn Bills as Cougar Club Honoree for the Wyoming game.

Carolyn and her husband, Kent, live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have been Cougar Club Members and season ticket holders since 1989. For many years they brought their grandson to the games with them. This season their grandson is on a mission and has expressed how much he misses attending the games with his grandparents. She has also traveled with the team to Syracuse, New York and most recently to Seattle, Washington.

She will never wear the color red because it reminds her of Utah. Carolyn used to work for KSL with many Utah Fans. She defended BYU on many occasions, which caused her love for the Cougars to deepen. During football season, she would decorate her office so that there was no question which school she loved.

The Bills are Legacy Members of the Cougar Club and although they could sustain their membership for less, Carolyn annually gives double what is required through the matching gift program provided by her employer.

One football season, her co-workers at KSL bought a Crimson Club Membership in Carolyn's name. Carolyn called up the Crimson Club and explained that she wouldn't accept this membership and that they needed to refund the money to the person who bought it. After repeatedly calling, Crimson Club finally issued a refund check and her name was taken off their records.

Carolyn is a volunteer at the Salt Lake Chapter Luncheons. Each month she greets the attendees at the check-in table. She knows each member by name. The Salt Lake Chapter President, Brad Jensen said this of Carolyn:

"Carolyn is always willing to volunteer and has helped us at most of our events over the years. She is always positive, has a smile on her face, and is very complimentary. She goes out of her way to tell others what a good job they have done. She is a wonderful woman."

I personally look forward to Carolyn’s calls on Monday mornings when we take pre-game reservations. She is so pleasant and kind as she expresses her enthusiasm for the upcoming game and her gratitude for all the effort put into the Cougar Club events.

Thank you Carolyn and congratulations.

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