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Cougar Club honors Frank Millward

Frank Millward & Tom Mullen

Frank Millward first joined the Cougar Club almost 20 years ago. After seeing the work done by Cap Gagnon in welcoming visitors to Notre Dame, Frank organized the Volunteer Athletic Hosts at BYU five years ago. Starting with 15 volunteers the first year, Frank has recruited and trained dozens of athletic hosts, 50 of whom try to greet every fan on game day.

The volunteers are there every game, at every gate wearing matching blue shirts, ties and name tags. At most gates they are welcoming BYU fans and thanking them for wearing blue.

Particular attention is paid to welcoming the players' parents from both schools and the fans from the visiting team; volunteers under Frank's direction conduct special pre-game tours that include a view of the field and surrounding areas from a loge in the press box.

Fans across the country have been very impressed by the hospitality extended by BYU through the Volunteer Hosts and several other schools are working to create similar programs at their institutions. In fact, occasionally visiting fans and player guests are initially suspicious about being greeted so warmly.

Indiciative of the feelings sincere hospitality and sportsmanship create, one player's parent from a visiting school commented at the end of the tour " Our son has played for Utah for four years, and we have never been treated so well at one of his home games."

Frank, thank you and the Volunteer Athletic Hosts for representing all of us so well and reminding us that our Quest for Perfection streches far beyond continuing the nation's longest winning streak to represent the values and mission of Brigham Young Univeristy in all that we do as fans and friends of the University.