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Dean Robb Honored at USU Pregame

Cougar Club Honoree October 2, 2009

H. Dean Robb

We are pleased to recognize H. Dean Robb as the Cougar Club Honoree for tonight’s Utah State game.

Dean is a Legacy member who has been a club member for 20 years and a season ticket holder for more than two decades. Tonight we want to congratulate Dean and Kris, his bride of 7 days, on their recent marriage and to point out that they spent their honeymoon last week at the CSU game in order to keep Dean’s streak of never missing a home game intact.

Kris Robb attended both Utah State and also another in-state institution (that won’t be named) but you can see it from I-15 somewhere between Logan and Provo. She became a Cougar fan as part of their pre-nuptial agreement, in which Dean, in return, became a Red Sox fan, the only red in his wardrobe.

Dean also follows the Cougars on the road, traveling to away games against opponents including Notre Dame, Florida State, Virginia, USC, Boston College, Oklahoma, Tulane, UCLA, Washington, and Hawaii, as well as select conference away games including Wyoming. The Robbs don’t, however, attend games in Rice Eccles Stadium or in the State of New Mexico.

Dean has attended all of BYU’s bowl games beginning in the early 80’s, with the exception of just one, which he missed due to his cancer. He has also frequently purchased tickets to be used by local mission presidents to send missionaries and investigators to BYU away games and bowl games.

Dean loves donating and supporting the Cougars because of the opportunity to watch young BYU student athletes grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially. He claims his favorite moment in BYU sports came after the 1996 Cotton Bowl when the whole football team ran over to the two sections of LDS missionaries after the game and those two groups spontaneously sang together “We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet,” followed by, “I Am A Child of God. “

In Dean’s own words “What other event in sports, work, or entertainment could possibly top that moment? If you recall, even the Kansas State fans didn’t leave. The stadium was focused on these wonderful young adults sharing in something beyond sports–sharing in their love for the Gospel. For a brief moment what had just been a stadium of Titans battling each other was now filled with the heavenly voices of the Lord’s servants and His Spirit was present. That is what makes me love BYU and these athletes.”

Please join me in congratulating, Kris and Dean on their first week of marriage and H. Dean Robb as our honored Cougar Club member prior to the BYU v. Utah State game.