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Fowlers Honored at Utah County Luncheon

We are pleased to recognize Kirk & Barbara Fowler as the Cougar Club Honorees for October.

The Fowlers have been Cougar Club members since 1990 and season ticket holders for decades. Not only have they given generously as Bronze, Silver, and currently as Golden Cougars, they are also very gracious and generous with their time.

The Fowlers are hosts at the Student Athlete Building each Thursday, and work as Volunteer Hosts on Game Days welcoming the families and guests of opposing teams. They’ve also greeted the donors who participate in the Courtside Cougar program for the past three years.

The Fowlers love all BYU student athletes. There is not one of them who is not greeted with a smile, a hug, or sometimes, depending on Kirk’s mood, serenaded with a song. They are the beloved, adopted grandparents and counselors of BYU’s 602 Student Athletes. And they know all of their names; really, you are welcome to test them.

The Fowlers’ love for BYU student athletes started close to home. Their son, Blaine, played quarterback on the national championship team; more recently their grandson, Kellen, won Academic All-American honors and MWC’s highest award before graduating last year, while his brother, Landon, is currently on the team.

We love and appreciate the Fowlers and are pleased to honor them today.