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Jon & Judith Vodden Honored at September Utah County Luncheon

Judith & Jon Vodden

Cougar Club Honorees September 24, 2009

Jon & Judith Vodden

We are pleased to recognize Jon & Judith Vodden today as the Outstanding Club Members for the September Luncheon.

Judith and Jon have been Club Members for 25 years, since joining in 1984 and Jon remains entirely convinced that it was solely their contribution that brought about the Football National Championship the Cougars won that year.

They have been season ticket holders for both Football and Basketball since 1987, but you will also often see them at BYU Baseball games and Volleyball matches.

On Mondays afternoons they are volunteers at the Student Athlete Building—greeting guests, conducting tours, and helping visitors who come to the athletic facilities. They also enjoy interacting with the BYU Student Athletes.

Professionally Jon retired in 2007 after spending 47 years in the mental health field; Judith, who also retired in 2007, is a registered nurse educator, so they are well-prepared not only to celebrate with the our student athletes when they’ve won, but also to deal with any physical or psychological injuries our players have experienced in competition.

The Voddens have 8 children, 31 grandchildren, and are expected great-grandchild number 10; Judith proudly claims they’ve raised them all to be BYU fans. Please join me in congratulating Jon & Judith Vodden as our September Luncheon Cougar Club honorees.