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Judy Sandstrom Honored at San Diego Pregame

Judy Sandstrom

We are pleased to recognize Judy Sandstrom, the President of the Utah County Chapter, as today’s Outstanding Club Member prior to the San Diego State game.

Judy, and her husband, John, have been athletic donors since 1981. In addition to her service on the Cougar Club Board of Directors, Judy holds the distinction of having served as chapter president of both the Salt Lake Chapter and the Utah County Chapter. While we will miss them, we were delighted to learn that John and Judy are anticipating a mission call early in 2009.

Judy is currently negotiating to have her P-day on Saturday and getting permission to fly to all the games. Don’t be surprised if she gets it.

She and John claim to have raised their four children at the Holiday Bowl and as their 14 grandchildren have joined the family, Judy has been to dozens of BYU Baseball games and traveled to see BYU Football defeat opponents including Notre Dame and Washington. She was also there in person (in Terra Haute, Indiana) to watch the BYU Women’s Cross Country Team win their third NCAA Championship.

Judy is an accomplished distance runner herself. Competing for Continental Airlines’ racing team for 16 years, she ran in 10K races across the United States and in foreign countries including Switzerland, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Malaysia, Holland, and the Czech Republic.

Judy and John have been married 47 years and their love for each other and for the Cougars seems to grow with each passing year.

Judy, we are pleased to honor you as our Donor of the Game. Analane Powell and Mike Middleton of the Cougar Club have a small token of our appreciation to present to you as we all thank you for your example, your leadership, and your years of loving service.